Eat like a Rabbit, Feel like a Stallion: A 7-Day Challenge for Men!

I’ve received many requests over the years to put together a program for men, and finally it has happened. I’ve been known to create all manner of inspiring, empowering programs for women in the name of weight loss, cleansing and personal health.

This is different. This is a “challenge.”

It is not a detox, or a cleanse or a diet.

It’s a pure-blooded, arm-wrestling, roll-up-your sleeves if you’re man enough to take it, kind of “challenge.” and we have timed it perfectly so that it finishes in time for Valentines day – so your man will be hot, healthy and a testament to the fact that vegetables are the new viagra!!

For so long I felt completely incapable of or opinions about food, health and diet, until one day in my kitchen, a conversation began that spurred this program into being.

I was in the kitchen chopping vegetables and fruit for a green juice, when I caught myself complaining a bit about the amount of work it is to stay raw sometimes.

While I squeezed my juice bag, he declared that it wasn’t that difficult at all.

It merely required commitment and dedication, and that someone like him would have no problem at all, sticking to the diet if it was something he really wanted to do.

In a moment, I saw it.

My window.

“You could never do an entire week on raw food without going crazy. You would totally cave in to bread, cheese or some salami-like cold cuts within 3 days,” I said.

“I could so.”

“No way!”

“You’re totally addicted to your food! You wouldn’t be able to go a week and eat;

No meat. No cheese. No bread. No fish. No sandwiches. No eggs…”

“No problem!”

And so, here we are.  We have created a CHALLENGE for your man – can he do 7 days on rabbit food – and feel like a STALLION in time for Valentines day?

Here’s a bit about how it’s going to work:

On the 1st Feb we’ll start sending out daily support emails, reminding you to  start cutting back on the steak sandwiches and red wine, drink water when you can and maybe ease off the cookies… that kinda thing.

When we have you fully prepped we hold your hand through the 7 days of rabbit food challenge.

We know you have an appetite, so we have that covered. We will support you through it all – and offer you great advice to make sure that stomach of yours isn’t growling. There’s no need to starve!

Sign Up Now!

If you sign up for the Stallion Supreme Package you receive:

  • A 7 day menu planner with recipes
  • Shopping list & Guide
  • Tips on how to not starve and make sure you are still eating like a king
  • A complete resource guide – cool free things you can watch online
  • All the info you need to make this challenge FUN!
  • PLUS we are throwing in a Valentines gift that will be a GREAT thing to surprise your Valentine with at the end of your health fest! Sensual recipes and tantalizing ideas for the bedroom guaranteed to  get  that va va va voom in your bedroom… or living room.. or hall… on the stairs… in your car… or even on a picnic blanket 😉

“I’m In!  What Do I Do?  What Happens Next?”

Sign up HERE for FREE, and let’s get started!


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