Natural Teeth Whitening & Green Smoothies: Friends or Foes?

– by Nadine Artemis

We slurp them.  We glug and we gobble them.  We lick our lips with raw, ravishing relish!  Green smoothies are just soooooo good!

So when our richly green, sometimes berry loaded elixers come into contact with our pearly white teeth, what happens?

Recently, one of our green smoothie enthusiasts wrote in with a concern about green smoothies discoloring her teeth:

Even though I’m new to the challenge, I’ve been drinking green smoothies for a few months. I went to the dentist the other day and the hygienist had to scrape/polish off quite a bit of greyish colored stain on my teeth. The only thing I could think is it must be the smoothies. Any idea as to how I can keep the discoloration in check?

We went to the co-creator of  Living LibationsNadine Artemis for her expert advice on Successful Self-Detistry and natural teeth whitening.

Here’s what she had to say about chlorophyll and your choppers:

This is a great question!  I get this one often from healthy people eating smoothies, berries, kombuca and folks that are having a squeeze of lemon in warm water each morning.

The staining can be from a few things:

  • Sometimes the green smoothies and berries are staining plaque that already exists
  • Sometimes the acid from the lemon and kombuca are creating acid and making the enamel more susceptible to staining as the enamel is not as strong
  • Sometimes this is a sign that we need to strengthen our enamel which equals white teeth.

White teeth are created by a healthy dentin which is inside each tooth. Teeth are actually transparent and healthy dentin creates the look of white teeth, a look we desire as it is a sign of health.  Of course, green smoothies are great for the health of the dentin along with fat soluble vitamins of D3 and K2.

Other tips to pearly whites:

  • rinse mouth out with a salt water swish after having richly coloured antioxidant foods and acid fruit
  • never use “drug store” or teeth whitening products from a dentist – this weaken the enamel and then one may find themselves in an endless cycle of needing to bleach more and more due to weakened enamel
  • homeopathic tissue salts of Calcium/Phosphorus help to rebuild the enamel.  Take 3 in the mouth, swish on the teeth, and spit out.
  • use food grade hydrogen peroxide sparingly only a couple of times a year or for dealing with infection and immediately rinse with salt water
  • use a dry round headed electric tooth brush with a touch of aluminum free baking soda to polish teeth after a regular brushing (this is for the teeth only, avoid the gums as they need a different stroke)
  • check out our Youtube clip on the subject: Successful Self-Dentistry – White teeth Naturally

To view more of Nadine’s helpful Youtube videos on Successful Self-Dentistry and more, click HERE.

All love,

So, if creating healthy oral care involves getting your body more alkaline, then adding more greens through green smoothies is definitely going to give you something to smile about!

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