Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Poop: An Interview With Michael Perrine

We spend so much time talking about food, it’s only natural that we discuss the undigested, residual matter that makes its way through our inner pipes and floats (or sinks) its way into the pipelines of the world.

I think I’ll lay off the poetry and just get to the good stuff.

My personal poop hero and colonic knight in shining armour, is Michael Perrine. You may recognize that name, since we tell everyone about the first call we did with him: The Scoop on Poop. It was all about demystifying enemas and colonics, and SO many people have benefited from that call.

Well, recently we’ve been getting a lot of questions about poop, and we knew exactly who to call to the rescue.

If you ever find yourself wondering:

  • Should it float?
  • Should it sink?
  • Why is it green?
  • What about and other pertinent poop-related problems?
  • What’s a colonoscopy and do I have to get one just because I’m turning 50?
  • How many times a day should I be pooping?
  • Why does it stink?
  • What if I see things floating in there? Am I not digesting properly?

Admit it! We all ask ourselves these questions, and it’s about time we have a no-holds barred conversation about bowel health! So on Thursday, January 13th, we’re inviting Michael to answer all these questions and more!! But just in case I haven’t picked up on your poop questions, you’re welcome to send them in here for Michael yourself and I’ll do my best to answer them on the call.


The call will be happening on Thursday, January 13th at 3pm Eastern.

Note: If you’re reading  this after the call,  you won’t be able to send in your questions, but you will be able to listen to the recording.

Please mark this date and time in your calendar, so that you do not miss out on the call.


This is going to be a great call!

No butts about it! 😉



  1. Mildred says

    I would like to know if it’s necessary to do an enema or colonic after or while participating in the 7 day or green smoothie detox.

    I have participated in a fast before doing juicing only and water and was told that it’s important to do an enema to get the waste and toxins out from the upper and lower digestive tract.

    I must admit that I did feel really energetic and good after the enema.

    I don’t do enemas all the time because I don’t want to damage anything but just want to know if I should do them when detoxing.

    Thanks so much !!


    Please advise.


  2. Empress Blk Kat says

    WOOT WOOT! let’s talk about poop baby! haha! hey, poop is very important to our health. Matter of fact, poop is in the top 3 most important things about being a living being (breathing, water and pooping). If you don’t poop, you’re in deep doo-doo lol

    Viva la poop!


  3. Wayne Pacheco says

    I made a green smoothie with two carrots two handfuls of spinach apiece of pineapple and a bana,and a little agave and water and i went 4 times already, some gurgling in my stomach now. should these ingrediants be doing this? scred to leave the house now.


    Reply by Michael Perrine on February 19th, 2011

    Wayne, it’s the carrot starch combined with the fruits. Fruits only mix well with greens. Try to keep the starchy veggies away from fruits and you’ll have a calmer digestion.


  4. PJ says

    I may not be able to listen in ‘real time’, but would appreciate addressing this if at all possible: Will the poop from a colostomy ever be “normal” if the descending/sigmoid colon were removed along with the end/left side portion of the transverse colon, and, if yes, how long would it take?


  5. Stephanie says

    Sometimes I see small flecks, like the size of a chia seed, but I know I haven’t eaten anything that looks like this.
    Could this be parasites?


  6. Aramana says

    I have a question regarding my partner. He comes from a heavy meat and wheat background, being an Argentinian whose family owned a bakery. He has a lot of gas, and his alarm has become his bowel. 7 oclock every morning he wakes up with explosive diarreah, and it is everyday. So after that he goes to back to bed, wakes up and drinks a coffee, and halfway through the coffee, again, he has to rush to the bathroom. I have no problems talking about poop, so I asked him if I could check it. It is never a solid form, it is often looking like little bits of brown oatmeal floating.( excuse the comparison with food). Since he we have been together ( 2 years ) he has stopped eating meat, and almost quit bread, and is eating a diet high in raw foods. So any recommendations. I thought about celiac or lactose intolerance or a combination of both. Any suggestions….


    Reply by clare on October 16th, 2012

    Read Breaking The Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall I don’t agree with any of the food recipes suggested, as they’re not raw or up to parr with my raw nutrition background, but the theory has helped me tremendously. It’s a starch free diet for one year to heal a leaky gut. Since going off starches, such as sprouted chick peas and many others that are on the bad list in that book, my leaky gut is healing. I was 99% raw with some cooked veggies, went 100% for two months, juiced for a week, fasted for four days and continue to be 100% and starch free. It feels that has jumpstarted my year. I will see what three months will do. I knew I was gluten intolerant, but the problems you describe come with certain foods due to the damage the gluten caused to the gut. I’ve also elminated tomatoes and lowered fat dramatically.


  7. Kim says

    How do I sign up for this call?


    Reply by Tera on January 12th, 2011

    Kim, you don’t need to sign up. You just need to click that link to listen in tomorrow afternoon.
    If you miss it, just click that link again and it will take you to the recording.

    Read this post carefully, because it is marked how to access the call.

    Love and hugs and hope to speak to you soon!



  8. bruce says

    I have heard it is too much to do enemas everyday, that it could wash away good bacteria. I have for the last 2 years been doing an enema a day. If anything my movements have become stronger when I don’t do a enema, and have good colon health. I use water and an herbal catnip tinture.

    When I have flatulence it is usually because I ate bad food, and it creates gas, is gas bad and is flatulance a signal of eating bad food? Because when I eat primarily raw I have no flatulence


  9. says

    I was sooo happy when I got the email about this! I recently wrote a few blog posts and an article about poop and have received no end of grief from my friends and family who now call me The Poo Lady. I’m not alone it seems ^_^
    I look forward to the seminar very much!


  10. Linda says

    Is poop supposed to float or sink? Mine often floats, but my doctor said my poop test revealed I wasn’t digesting fats. Does this make it float?


  11. karla says

    I’ve had on/off pain under and around right ribs, recently in my back too. All kinds of tests already. Next my gastro wants to check my colon (colonoscopy). I’m very healthy, eat well, excercise, under 45. Could this be a sign of IBS?


    Reply by veganqueen on January 19th, 2011

    Have you been checked for gallstones honey ? x


  12. Richard says

    I am planning on during a 30 days juice detox after coming off the 3 day smoothie detox.What do you think about during a salt water flush each day during the 30 day detox?


    Reply by clare on October 16th, 2012

    Salt Water Flush is part of a Master Cleanse. You drink the lemonade recipe during the day, have a cup of laxative tea at night, and salt water flush in the morning as part of a prescribed order of evnetsso you do not reabsorb the toxins that the lemonade recipe has agitated or loosened up in that specific process. I don’t think you should mix parts of two different processes. A 30 day juice feast has its own rewards and accomplishments. Allow yourself to experience them witout interference. Read about a Master Cleanse and do that another time, so you can distinguish the benefits of both without confusing one with the other.



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