How to End Chronic Fatigue – by Durianrider

by Harley (aka Durianrider)

Often the solution is so simple that people are shocked at the answer, and, or simply don’t want to believe the thousands of dollars, heart aches, retreats etc they have attended have been a complete waste of time. Most people are maintaining or heading towards chronic fatigue with their diet and lifestyle.

I’m yet to meet the high carb, low fat, calorie rich, sleep/drink a lot raw vegan that has problems with fatigue. As someone that had chronic fatigue so bad, I used to catch a bus 1km to school as a 17 year old. Today at age 33 Ive cycled over 177 000 km as a vegan, won multiple 24hr solo mountain bike races, ran many marathons, currently race Div 1 on the road bicycle and have cycled all over the world.  So I can talk with personal experience about what has worked for me and many others regarding chronic fatigue.
I’m going to tell you exactly what I know.

Some people will hate my advice, some people will be grateful for it. I’m not going to be polite. I’m just going to tell you what you need to hear because I believe this is the most important information regarding your health. Basically everything you’ve heard about sweet fruit is rubbish. The real truth is simple. Every cell in the human body runs on glucose and/fructose. The brain exclusively glucose. Just read any medical text book. When we limit our intake of sweet fruits or cooked starches then we expect our body to run on fat/protein for fuel and this creates fatigue within hours if we are active and days if we are sedentary as our glycogen stores become depleted and glucose exhaustion sets in.
I do lots of raw food talks and sadly have seen so many emaciated, fatigued,depressed and often binge prone ‘raw foodies’ come up to me after the talk and say ‘Harley, you say eat lots of sweet fruit but ‘so and so’ says eat kale, eggs and coconut oil? I’m confused!’ I ask them to judge by results not by theory. I ask them to eat over 3000 calories from sweet fruits a day for a period of weeks. I also ask them to drink at least 3 litres of water and get 10 hours + horizontal time each night by going to bed early. Some say ‘But I cant do that! I have a family/business to run!’ To which my reply always is ‘Does your family want to look after you when you end up in intensive care? Can you afford to be any more fatigued? Isn’t your health worth something?..’
I can’t tell you how many people this has worked for.

Its got nothing to do with kundalini, chakras or crystal healing. Its all got to do with basic human physiology 101. We need heaps of daily carbs, water and sleep and we live in a society where carbs are evil, sleep is for the lazy and ‘water? I don’t feel like drinking water..’.

So here is the proven success recipe for becoming a manic high energy fruit bat! vs a depressed, ‘why me’, lonely, ‘victim’ burden on ourselves and those around us.

1. Drink at least 3 litres of water per day. Have 1 litre 30mins  before your meal, even if your meal is watermelon. 1 litre upon rising. Yes its more than what your drinking now but do you want high energy longterm?
2. Eat over 10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day. Sweet fruit is the best. Cooked starches are next best. I like the best so I go for fruits. Yes its more food than your used to but do you want high energy longterm?

3. Get as much sleep as you can. Get minimum 10hours a night horizontal. More is better. You can’t sleep too much. Just look at a baby. You have a sleep deficit and that’s normal as we live in a society that turns lights on inside of heading off to sleep for the night. Humans evolved in tropical areas where there is 12hours of night time per night. We need that to thrive. The Kenyan marathon team gets up to 20hours a day horizontal during peak training loads. Sure its a lot of sleep but do you want high energy levels longterm? :)

4. Do a course of b12 injections/sublinguals. 39% of the US has low b12 levels and they eat animal products 3 times a day. I’ve got a lot of raw meat eater friends that have dangerously low b12 levels and elevated homocysteine levels. They would benefit from supplementation for sure. Absorption is the main reason for b12 deficiency.

What you’ll find is now its a zillion times easier to maintain a positive outlook. Your carbed up, hydrated, well slept and have boosted your b12 levels via the most efficient methods. You will find it near impossible to dwell on negativity as it will just come and go like the breeze vs sit over you like a storm cloud all day/week/month/year.

You keep doing what you’ve always done and you will keep getting what your always getting.

Take advice from those getting the results you desire. I went from catching a bus 1km to school to being able to ride 515km solo in a day as a raw vegan fruit bat.

This works.

Judge by results not by theory.


  1. fitmaven says

    This is the biggest disservice – I hope that everyone reading this takes it for what it is – an opinion and a viewpoint that is skewed. I would love to see some of the. After 20 years in fitness and nutrition industry, with triathlons and the like under MY belt – there is NO CURE ALL or MUST DO FOR ALL – each individual is different, there are different factors for every single human being. One human being may need more sleep while another thrives on less. (but 20 hours – that is more than likely recovery from injury those runners have done from extremes). As far as fruits being the main diet, this is absurd. Eating fruits that are out of season, I don’t care if they are organic…
    May I just say, I hope people reading this are more educated and take your extreme opinion with a little more sense than was put into writing it. Folks, if you really do have CFS or the like – please look into your gut health – absorption of any nutrient won’t happen if your gut flora is out of balance or non existent as would be with most American’s following a TAD. Put yourself on a raw diet without proper “flora” and you will find yourself emaciated and feeling awful, because no matter how pure your diet, nothing gets assimilated.


  2. Mercedes says

    I would love to follow this advice..As a diabetic, however, it’s exactly sweet fruits and starches that I have to limit in my diet..:(( I wonder if there is any solution going around this problem?


  3. says

    Yes, I agree that it is terribly short-sighted advice. Okay, I’ll be honest: ignorant.

    I don’t know — perhaps there are some types of “fatigue” for which this is a “cure,” but I can assure you that the REAL Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will probably not yield to that. CFS is caused by the Eppstein-Barr virus, and it is a pernicious, very difficult to treat disease. (Ask me how I know.) I have seen some symptoms ascribed to it that I personally do not believe belong with it, just as I’ve seen fibromyalgia with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in symptom-wise. And a simple constant level of fatigue is NOT necessarily CFS.

    Here’s one day out of my own CFS experience (which lasted 15 months): Sleep 10 – 12 hours; get up, eat, lounge around ’cause there’s no energy to DO anything whatsoever; take a 3-hour nap; get up, eat and go to a meeting (total time for going to the meeting, about 2-1/2 hours); come home totally and completely exhausted.

    The best treatment for the REAL CFS is colloidal silver, and/or perhaps other anti-viral remedies such as olive leaf, oil of oregano, etc.

    I just don’t think your dietary and sleep suggestions address the viral component at all. Please find some other name for whatever it is you think your advice corrects.


    Reply by Jonathan on March 5th, 2013

    How about virgin coconut oil? I’ve read that it’s anti-viral as well?


    Reply by Lucy on June 1st, 2014

    The writer doesn’t seem to understand what CFS actually is. I have suffered severely (bed ridden) for 20 years. It is not being unable to walk a km, it is regularly not being able to walk at all. The writer needs to address this with an edit: there is a difference between feeling chronically fatigued and having chronic fatigue syndrome.

    To the person who said it’s caused by epstein-barr that is also incorrect- it can be caused by it, but there is no one line of thinking in the medical community and it is thought to be caused by various viruses, environmental factors and genetics. In my own case an enterovirus and genetics were the route cause. I also don’t see coconut oil, or oregano oil as being capable of curing someone with my severity and longevity of ill health, but simply one tool among many in helping to combat some symptoms.


    Reply by Lucy on June 1st, 2014

    P.S. I’ve also read that colloidal silver is antimicrobial but that there is little evidence to support such use. There seems to be some confusion as you recommend something which potentially fights bacteria whilst saying it’s caused by a virus. As such the anti-virals you suggest have a practical application, but the anti-bacterials would not. Bacteria & viruses are two very different things.


  4. Kat says

    Actually, do some research…give Harley’s suggestions a try. They work for some, myself included. And I know 2 people with type 1 diabetes and many with type 2 diabetes following these guidelines with much success. Definitely worth a look!


  5. says

    This is so wrong. Based on outdated and dangerous information. The brain has been shown to run on protein and fat. The brain needs fat for it is made up of fat. Breast milk is fats, proteins and carbs. If raw meat eaters are B12 deficient they’re eating the wrong meat, and the homocysteine is a natural by-product of protein metabolism. Fitmaven has it right for the most part.


  6. Jada says

    CFS is a complicated illness that is NOT just constant fatigue. Much research dictates that there is a mal-function in the autonomic nervous system affecting hormone levels, stress response, gut bacteria, immune function(viral related), brain cognition as well as paralyzing fatigue. Yes diet plays a role in any illness, but chronic fatigue will not be cured by adopting a high fructose/glucose diet; especially if candida is a factor. Please see for a better understanding of chronic fatigue syndrome; versus just dealing with constant tiredness. I am not here to insult this post; just share awareness. Namaste


  7. Josie says

    Thank you, Harley! I remember in nursing school, my nutrition book stating our bodies need complex carbs in the form of glucose , which is the best and immediate source of nutrition for our cells and brain; and fructose, and starches – which the body easily converts into glucose. I was already a vegetarian, but then I went full-fledged vegan.

    You have helped me load on the carbs (~2500-3000/da.). I was doing the raw “thing” wrong, for a couple of years. I was consuming too many fat calories from Avocados and nuts, and rarely coconut oil. I see my body kicking out rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, chronic fatigue from chronic pain. I feel like I did when I would eat a lot of fruits on raw – nowhere near how many dates I eat, now. Thanks to you and Freelee, I’m looking at me again in the mirror, not a sickly “feel-like-a-niney-year-old, shuffling-to-the-bathroom in the middle of the night.” My husband and i have a wonderful sex life, again. He’s vegan too, by the way.

    My mom always said fruit “heals the body.” I just wasn’t making the connection. You helped me to jump-start me, again. Thank you for giving me permission to kick out biases and truly take care of my self. I see you guys as guardians of the voiceless, the sick, and the vulnerable.

    I’ve seen people sucked into these dangerous cults and I’ve seen how people avoid eye contact and are mean-spirited in these Atkins and raw money-laundering crap, bull-shit, schemes. Both of you speak from the heart and are genuinely concerned to help people, animals and the planet. Thank you.



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