Guess Who Wrote the Latest Raw Mom Club Menu Planner?

by Fiona Hollis


Author, chef and raw mom extraordinaire, Carissa Leventis-Cox has written an amazing December menu planner for our lucky Raw Mom Club members.

Carissa is a raw mom who understands that recipes need to be simple to make – yet ridiculously tasty, in order to tempt your kids and cooked partners to beg you for MORE!

Not only does Carissa give clear instructions on what you’ll need and how to make these wonderful recipes – her photographs are beautiful and really help show what you’re aiming to create!


1. How long have you been raw? What got you interested in raw?
I have been raw for 1 1/2 years.  I decided to go RAW the day my 2 year old son had a CT scan because of a suspected growth in his body.

As life would have it, at around the same time, my yoga teacher and I were in the process of writing our book, Yoga For Cancer: Esoteric, Yogic and Dietary Remedies.  I learned and discovered through research
that the Preventative and Curative Cancer Diet is a RAW foods diet.  1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in America will probably get Cancer in their lifetime – why risk it?  I wanted to create the healthiest environment for our family and nutrition is a big component of health.  Moreover, the raw food diet has so many other positive effects.  What was there to lose?  A big plus was a very supportive husband!

2. What did you do before you were a mom? What are your passions now?
I worked in Fine Art Management, then the restaurant industry.  Then turned to my own personal chef and catering business, which was geared towards people with health issues: diabetes, heart problems, food
allergies, obesity, cancer, etc.

I have always wanted to make people happy and discovered that FOOD does just that.  A simple dish can bring a smile to someone’s face and spark a strong emotion in people that few things can.  But there is
short term happiness and there is long term happiness.  My passion is to create food that not only makes people HAPPY (short term), but also food that promotes HEALTH (long term happiness).   In becoming a
mother, my passion for creating happiness and health through food has grown exponentially as I recognize how popular culture increasingly challenges the power of parents to prevent disease and maintain health
in the family through raw, organic, local, in-season and unprocessed food.

3. What is your favorite recipe right now?
Raw Veggie Filled Enchiladas.

4. If you have ‘PMS type’ comfort food cravings – what do you eat?
Garlic, sea salt, cacao and a ridiculously big bowl of Kale Salad with sunflower seed dressing.  Not all at the same time!

5. What are you planning to eat over Christmas!?? Are you with family?
It’s Winter time again – so the body usually asks for more heating spices and fat.  Rosemary Spiced Pecans, Banana Pomegranate Smoothie, Coconut Curry with Cauliflower, Sprouts and Raisins and lots of GREENS.

Yes, we will be with family.  I am lucky in that my family welcomes the Raw Food Diet.  In fact, my parents, my aunt, my mother-in-law and cousins own Vitamix blenders.  They are open to and love trying my creations.  Makes life easy!!!

6. What are you excited about at the moment?
I am excited about creating new recipes all the time and making information available for families with children.  On my blog, I share research, new recipes and write articles on transitioning families with children into a more raw foods diet:

For more information on Raw Mom Club click here.


  1. Jean Cox says

    I am fortunate to have Carissa as my daughter-in-law, enabling me to taste and sometimes to “test” her recipes. I have never disliked a single culinary creation by Carissa. She introduced the concept of eating raw to me as well as introduced me to the Vitamix blender. I have learned much from Carissa and think it’s wonderful that she spreads both short and long-term happiness to many people through her writings, recipes and passion for good health through good food.


  2. Patricia says

    Just a general thank you to all of you — Tera, Fiona, Carissa, and Jean Cox too, and all who help to make these communications available, ongoing! It is so heartening to know you are “out there” and there is support for this unusual (in the SAD world) diet. “Simple, yet ridiculously tasty” is necessary in all households, for sure.

    It is also truly HEARTening to feel the balance in your communications, on an ongoing basis — Reading about diet that serves health, life and relationships — in a word, serves the Heart — and not diet as the end-all, be-all — is very key. The Raw Mom/Cooked Dad communications, for instance, have continued to inform me (and balance me) — I am not even a mom, but I feel informed, inspired, blessed, and even entertained by this website!

    Thank you again, Patricia


  3. Papou says

    Going Raw is clearly the way to go. The issue is how to overcome the challenges we constantly face given our disposition to cooked food and the difficulty in ordering good tasty raw food in restaurants. The latter is even more of a problem when one travels around the world.
    Carissa’s approach of gradually introducing tasty dishes to her family has got to be the way. They are so lucky to have her with them to prepare their meals.


  4. Stacy says

    Oh my goodness! I went to Carissa’s website and made her Holiday Pecan Recipe for a brunch today…they were delicious! So delicious in fact that I ended up keeping 1/2 at home for myself for later 😉 So easy to make and the rosemary tastes awesome with the pecans! Thanks for the recipe…


  5. Connie Y. Gonzalez says

    I intend to change my diet, but I am now at the difficult and slow stage of researching for the right recipes. I am very fortunate to have you show me the way. This will certainly help me stay alive longer.
    I am also planting sweet potatoes from different countries in preparation for this type of food. I also found another subsitute for soybean milk originating from Egypt. I don’t have to cook this. I can use the vitamix.
    Thank you for introducing the Excalibur and vitamix to me. This is a challenging change for me, and hopefully, it will also influence those around us.
    Thank you!


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