Raw Mom Cooked Dad The Grande Finale!!! It’s Time to Pah-tay!!

Okay, Frisky Critters.

I have good news and lots of it, but before I tell you what that is, let me just say THANK YOU for your kind words, thoughtful comments and playful participation right up until the last moment. This event has been SUCH a fun and fabulous adventure, and we’re got a few more treats and surprises up our sleeves for the next few days to come.

Remember Ka?

We listened to him on one of the very first days! Well, last night he wrote to me and let me know that he’s been loaded with emails of thanks and appreciation. So many people loved hearing his call and learning more from him. He also told me that he’s having a retreat in Costa Rica for Families!! (Usually these retreats are impossible for those of us with kids, because we can’t bring them along. I was SO excited to hear he’s doing this for families!) If you’d like to learn more about it, and reserve one of the remaining spots that are left, then you can check it out HERE.

We Want “The Last Word” on Tonight’s LIVE Teleseminar

Just in case we may have answered all your questions in the course of these interviews, and you’re feeling a warm, glowing sensation within–a feeling completely satisfied with what you’ve learned, then just come and listen to us pluck and chatter because we have some really exciting things to share and … eh hem… Well, WE wanted to have the last word on this AMAZING event, so we do hope to catch you on today’s call.

Remember, we’ve got Angelina Elliott (master herbalist, nutritionist, wild food wizard, raw mom and culinary chef) on tonight’s call to answer any final questions you have. You can send in your questions HERE before the call!

If, for any reason, you’re not able to make it to this call, we will record it. Just check back here when you can and you’ll get to hear the whole thing.

The Relax Pack Attack

Okay, Sunshine. We know you want it. 😉

This is the part of the show where you feel so overcome with happiness, so completely fulfilled with what you’ve discovered, that you jump on board and sign yourself up to get the Relax Pack. And don’t worry, just in case you’re not convinced that this will be the best purchase you ever make, then we’ll be pulling out all the stops tomorrow to show you exactly what’s in store for our Relaxed Multi-tasking Mamas!! Honestly, we have NEVER put together an offer like this and we are beyond excited about what’s coming.

But we should let you know, that after November 1st, the Relax Pack will no longer be available. The bonuses will evaporate into thin air, and the free trial of our Raw Mom Club will turn into a lowly pumpkin. :-)

On Today’s Menu…

We were almost afraid to do this. We were a bit concerned that by doing what we’re about to do, we might seriously harm our sales for the Relax Pack. Buuut… that’s until we loaded up the Relax Pack with so many bonuses, it’s a completely irresistible offer. And, we also know that life sometimes gets in the way and we wanted to make sure that each and every one of you walked away from this event with a BIG, BEAMING SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

That’s why, on today’s menu, you’ve got an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!!

Go Crazy, Girlfriend!

It’s calorie-free and good for the soul! This is the only all-you-can-eat-buffet where you’ll probably LOSE weight, the more you eat! We’ve put EVERY SINGLE CALL, and even a surprise bonus call with Ani Phyo that you’ve not yet heard and it’s up there for sharing!!!

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

We have had a blast playing here with you and hope that many of you will be joining us for a FREE One-month trial of our Raw Mom’s Club when you sign up for the Relax Pack!


  1. Marie-Lies says

    Im so happy that Ka is doing a retreat at Finca De Vida. My friends own the farm and I stayed there this past summer…it was awesome. The farm is gorgeous and they are so knowledge…I defintely learned a lot. The food is also amazing :)

    Thanks for putting this raw mom event…I have learned a lot from the different speakers.


  2. Dena says

    Thank you both for such a wonderful program you have put on here. I am so lucky I found you both. This has helped me a lot in my raw food journey. You both are wonderful gals. Thank you Thank you Thank you :o)


  3. AmeVaillante says

    Hi everyone,
    A big THANK to all the “Raw Mum Cooked Dad” team.
    Of course with work and everything I didn’t manage to listen to all the calls but I had the chance to hear some of them.
    And yeah that was GREAT :-)

    I found Robyn Openshaw interview and Daniel Vitalis one very interesting.
    Those last days I also had the chance to watch Dan the Man last videos, and I sense that his work with Lou Corona is really the missing part in most of our raw food diet.
    I think if everyone would CULTIVATE their NUTS and SEEDS, the all vegan or not problem will take another dimension !
    Yeah I really think that with this tool the raw food diet could also be a BUILDING diet (and still be of course a detox one).
    Lots of Peace and Harmony to everyone from France.
    PS :Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to Costa Rica this year but I’m definitely planning to visit Finca de Vinda in the future !!
    I went on their internet site and watched Ka’s videos about it. It really sounds like PARADISE over there :-)


  4. Carol Lombard says

    What a special treat to hear Ani Phyo. She is so inspiring and uplifting as you said. I love to hear her quick recipes and tips. Thanks for including her in this series. I have enjoyed all of the interviews. Great job!


  5. says

    I love Ani Phyo! What a great surprise! A BIG THANK YOU to Tera, Fiona and all the people who spoke at this event. This was an AMAZING event and I am so happy to have been a part of it. It was really a very special week.
    I am doubly blessed because David Wolfe is in Paris tomorrow and Friday and I will get to attend his lectures in person. Thank you so much for all the knowledge, ideas and thoughts shared. You guys rock!


  6. Chris says

    I’ve been a fan of Ani Phyo for a while, but listening to her interview really showed what an amazing person she is! I really enjoyed listening to her!


  7. Summer says

    Loved listening to Ani, she is so amazing and inspiring, has a very relaxed fun approach to raw foods. If she lived in my house with her talents my whole family could indeed be raw! Thank You, great summit.


  8. Fiona says

    Thank you, everyone, so much for joining us on this journey! Also thank you to everyone who sent in questions for our live call.

    Between us I hope we answered them all. Angelina is a passionate raw success story who certainly laid to rest any questions Daniel Vitalis may have raised, with her living breathing example of a thriving and healthy raw vegan of 12 years.

    Please make sure to check out our pregnancy section on the site – it is a great resource. As I explained in the call – the Raw Mom Club is going to be an unparalleled level of support to raw moms out there, so check the blog tomorrow for a full breakdown of what to expect.

    BIG LOVE. Fiona x


  9. Anna says

    Thankfully I will be able to catch the full interview later! I missed Ani’s interview.

    Thank you for making it possible to hear Brendan Brazier’s interview again. I just loved his calm balanced way of presenting his information. And his Thrive diet is so supported by his success as an athlete.

    This program has given me my first exposure to both of you, Tera and Fiona, and I have enjoyed getting to know both of you through your interviews, and it was wonderful to meet your guys too. (I enjoyed their interviews more than any, because it gave us a chance to hear the real deal straight from the source; I loved it so much, I listened to their interviews twice).

    This has been a great program. I enjoyed listening to all the speakers, even those who said things that I didn’t completely agree with. Hearing a broad spectrum of ideas gives us a chance to figure out what fits for us. Thanks for making such a rich resource available to us. I can hardly wait to see what you girls will come up with next.


  10. Sara says

    I’ve learnt sooooooooo much, so THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!

    I wrote the following question on this page http://www.rawmom.com/raw-mom-blog/archives/3313, but have not yet seen an answer. There’s NO rush for an answer, but i’m putting it here again incase it was accidentally overlooked :)

    In Dr Ritamarie’s interview…..”Did anyone catch the webpage Dr Ritamarie gave to us? It was going to be a sampler of her new ‘Dried & Gone to Heaven course’. I’d really appreciate if someone could type it here..”

    Tera & Fiona you both seem lovely, blessings to you both.

    Peace & happiness to all,


  11. carine martine says

    Thanks 4 all (letting us be part of this “BUBBELY BREW” you concocted!!! Success with the next one “the raw mom club”.
    My I express some gratitude to have invited & appreciated Angelina Elliot’s “testimony” ?!


  12. Kathy says

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful interviews. I enjoyed all of them along with my family. We are on our path to raw foodist. My oldest daughter the more pickier one has it alittle bit harder switching but the raw juices and smoothies are helping her. my youngest is always been my veggie and fruit girl from the start. I hard to work so I missed the live call and was very upset that I missed it. Wish I could do the relaxed pack but you can’t always have your cake and eat it to at times. Thanks again this has been such a big stepping block for our family hope our journey keeps on going strong.


  13. Debera says

    Thank you so much for letting me listen in to your conversations with these many Gold mines of information. I was unable to figure out how to access the phone calls at first but eventually got it and haven’t stopped listening since! So thank you so much for the bonus of all the conversations! We have nine children and implementing raw with this size family has been a struggle. Especially with Dad being cooked. We have one child with severe exzema/asthmatic since the age of 2, and 5 of them were diagnosed as asthmatics. We are not completely 100% raw, however we have improved our diets to the point where we have not used the nebulizer for over 2 years. This event has been amazing in the sense that after reading all the books and trying to discern who is right and who isn’t, has made it even harder to implement. I now know to do what works for us and don’t go overboard and implement more superfoods and wildfoods. Thank you so much for making my life so much easier. I also have enjoyed the lighthearted and very humorous attitude throughout, especially after struggling so much it is often hard to remember the joy we get out of seeing our families living healthy lives! Which is why we do what we do! :) God bless you for doing what you do! This even was amazing!


  14. Jennifer says

    My daily life has been transformed by this summit. I used to run around stressing about whether we were able to find time to create a raw meal for our family during the day. For the past week, I have been relaxed, finding the necessary time to organize, and we have been enjoying raw meals every day. My husband and I are so grateful for the resounding message in this year’s summit, “Relax, Don’t Judge People, Don’t try to Change People, and Love Each Other.” A most helpful message.
    Blessings and Love,


  15. Jennifer says

    Gosh, I’m having trouble figuring out which comment box to leave this in….
    My daily life has been transformed by this summit. I used to run around stressing about whether we were able to find time to create a raw meal for our family during the day. For the past week, I have been relaxed, finding the necessary time to organize, and we have been enjoying raw meals every day. My husband and I are so grateful for the resounding message in this year’s summit, “Relax, Don’t Judge People, Don’t try to Change People, and Love Each Other.” A most helpful message.
    Blessings and Love,


  16. Debra says

    I have been investigating eating raw and your summit was most helpful in getting sound information that will be most useful to me.
    I was most impressed with the non-judgemental attitude,too. I so enjoyed the genuinely sincere and happy atmosphere created by you and your guests during the interviews. It was quite a lot of fun to listen.
    Thank you so much!


  17. Sachiko says

    MUCHAS GRACIAS Tera and Fiona and all your guests!

    I loved tuning in every day to be challenged and stimulated, to smile and laugh and felt lucky to have people share the wisdom of their personal journeys. I love this technology that makes this possible. Last year I listened to the WISH summit and this has been wonderful too and totally shown me the amazing potential of the internet to get messages out there in new ways. I’ve always been a ravenous reader, but with this kind of audio learning, it’s really perfect for me as a complement to reading… I’ve gotten a whole different take on some of the raw food people listening to them as opposed to reading their books. There are intangible things that come across through voice and energy that aren’t as easily discerned in a book.

    Sometimes I listened in bed with the lights out, sometimes I listened in my kitchen while I prepped food for my family, sometimes I listened while I did other work that didn’t require much brain engagement. Wow, it was great to feed myself all that goodness every day.

    I listened to almost every single call! I think what I loved most and the biggest insight I took away for myself was that *LOVE* matters the most, above and beyond anything to do about food. Beautiful, healthful nourishing food, yes! But in the context of healthy, nourishing, loving relationships with the people around us. The energy we put out there is as transforming and nourishing as our food choices. And that fabulous raw food without the love won’t give us the radiant lives we desire. I don’t want to fail to accept and love people I care about because I am rigid or dogmatic about food or judgemental of other people’s choices or unaccepting of where they happen to be on their path!

    My favorite and most inspiring calls were:

    Ka Sundance- I loved his authentic, loving spirit and especially hearing him speak about the deeply respectful way he parents his children.

    Robyn Openshaw – very real and concrete on creating a good environment at home for children to eat healthy.

    Heather Pace – very interesting to hear this side of a raw story and good to know.

    Gabriela, Mika, Luca, Mike and MAC – yeay for just hearing some non-gurus honestly share about raw food and their families… all with sincerity and sweetness – mmm! I’m so glad you included these people.

    Vanessa Stewart and Sherri Nickols – I really appreciated the practical “how tos” they shared for being in relationship with a man and for creating a home space with great energy & harmony.

    Ani Phyo! – I love her energy, her beautiful laughter… and how she puts it all in perspective. Yes, we have running hot water and an abundance of food choices and we truly should be waking up every day totally grateful for our blessings and aware of how lucky we are! Yeay for having some PERSPECTIVE!

    Also great to read all the blog comments and learn from the back-and-forths.

    Honestly, thank you for all the calls… always something to learn when we’re open.

    Tera, I loved discovering that you don’t do gourmet raw, you’ve never tried a superfood or supplement, that you have a very simple way of living and eating raw food and that you’ve struggled with wanting others to want to eat raw as much as you do — totally real. Sometimes I look at some of the raw food gurus and think, yeah, but you aren’t a parent… you only have to think about you. Totally different thing being in family and having a whole group of people with different preferences, desires, and attitudes… AND being the mom (or dad) who is making choices for the family on buying groceries, what to put on the table & how… hearing from real moms about how they really live in family was eye-opening and made me feel better about me and what I’m doing (yeay!) and gave me a broader perspective than just inside my own little microcosm (always a good thing!). I’d actually love (in the future) to hear more from just other non-guru raw diva moms in this kind of audio interview format about what they do/don’t do in their unique families.

    Sending love & sunshine!



  18. Susana says

    Unfortunately I was able to listen to only a few interviews as I was caring for my mother who is recovering from colon cancer surgery and my sister-in-law who is loosing her battle with brain stem cancer. Not only did I learn a lot about “going” raw and getting rid of clutter but I was impressed most by everyone´s loving and accepting attitudes. There was so much wisdom and love in all the interviews that I heard. I wish I could have heard them all! Thanks to all for taking the time to share. I am looking forward to the journey.
    Muchismas gracias, Susana, Mexico


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