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balloonsLast night’s LIVE Q&A was a blast – so much laughter and joy at the end of this incredible event! Angelina answered many of your questions and we were able to wrap up and have the final words on what has been a truly beautiful 10 days of raw enthusiasm and cooked food compassion.

So now we get to the nitty gritty – the bit that we are super excited about. We just can’t stop the party! Its time to unveil the party bags :) and let you know about the ‘after party’!!

My inbox has been inundated with pleas to make these interviews available again – the answer is YES, plus MUCH more.

As part of upgrading to the Multi-Tasking Mama’s Relax Pack we are giving you:

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Bonus #1 –  Heather Pace

Heather shares with us her favorite three easy and delicious raw desserts, perfect for a beginner. Win your family over with these Sweetly Raw recipes. Apple Crumb Pie, Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream, and Strawberry pudding.

Bonus #2 – Yuri Elkaim

Using basic fruits and vegetable, Yuri gives you 87 of his favorite smoothie recipes that will light up your life with fantastic energy and nutrition. Yuri trains athletes – so you can bet your bottom dollar these are good recipes! All you need is a blender & a glass!

greenupyourchildBonus #3 -Ka Sundance

Green Up Your Child is a special report written by Katie and Ka Sundance on how to make your kids LOVE to eat more greens and veggies.

Bonus #4 – Penni Shelton

Its Easy Being Green lives up to its name! Founder of Raw Food Rehab,  shares her journey as a raw mom in a cooked food family, and how starting out on this path with kids ages 9 and 12. and gives some  GREAT green recipes.   from  juices, smoothies, soups, salads and desserts.


Bonus #5 – Matt Monarch

Raw Success, The Key to 100% Raw Vegan Longevity is a beautifully written book detailing how Matt has thrived physically, emotionally and spiritually on a raw vegan diet, and advice on how you can too. This is an amazing gift from Matt. ( 155 pages)

Bonus #6 – Karen Ranzi

Karen is the author of Creating Healthy Children, and part of our Raw Mom Team. In this fascinating article Karen looks at the Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder through the Raw Food Lifestyle and Elimination of Environmental Toxins.

Bonus #7 – Dr. Ann Wigmore, given by Dr. Flora Van Orden

why-sufferWhy Suffer? How I Overcame Illness & Pain NaturallyCreative Health Institute Presents The Teachings & Program of Dr. Ann Wigmore Used by Thousands to Reverse Dis-Ease! Detoxify & Rejuvenate Back cover: We believe that: “Healing and Wellness Requires Effort, Discipline, and Faith.” God Heals, (Men Treat), and Wisdom guides the process when it works. Trust in natural sustaining elements, desire to be Healthy, Happy, Harmonious, and Joyfully Productive is the basis of Rejuvenation. The Simple message and logic herein afforded will be believable to those who can and will be transformed by it. This Wonderful Instruction has been the basis of simple guidance that has been, and is used in Natural Alternative Healing and Wellness Programs around the world.

Bonus #8– Jimbolina Sunshine Gilker, Our beloved web wizard!

Simply Wild is a wild food foraging article from the wonderful Jimbosun!

Bonus #9 – Interview with Angelina Elliot

This 2-hour marathon call is L O A D E D with everything you need to know to get started in your Raw Food Kitchen and make things work for the whole family. Angelina and Tera referred to this mega-interview several times in the final Q&A call. It’s the call where Tera had to get up part way through because she was afraid of peeing her pants while laughing!! It is a fabulous interview for anyone getting started on the raw food diet.

durianriderBonus #10 – Durianrider

Durianrider’s Kick Ass Tips on a low fat raw vegan diet! This short and easy to read e-book is packed full of information, advice and things to watch out for on a fruitarian diet. Durianrider is known for his raw enthusiasm and passion for raw food and sweet fruits.

Bonus #11 – Interview with Tim Van Orden of RunningRaw.Com

This is an exclusive interview with Running Raw.Com’s Tim VanOrden. This is great advice for men who want to stay active and in great shape, but wonder how to do it on a raw vegan diet. This interview is loaded with great Raw Mom, Cooked Dad advice!

3. A free month’s membership to the Raw Mom Club

Value $19.97

PrintThe Raw Mom Club is a celebration of mothers who have taken the time to invest in themselves. In return we give you the tools  to nurture, grow and blossom into radiant healthy women who in order to love others must first love themselves.

Raw Mom Community

Create your own profile, connect with other go-getters on the forum, chat with other moms online and most importantly – ask for help!!! We are rocketing our offerings into a whole new stratosphere.

Raw Mom Club gives you 12 Mothers Day Gifts  a year!

On the 1st of each month we give you a whole new set of gifts to play with for the month. Menu planners, instructional videos, exclusive interviews and free downloads from our special guests.

Instructional Videos camcorder

Inspiring, uplifting and educational videos demonstrating yummy recipes, new exciting techniques and encouraging you to have fun with your food and your family!

This month explore food and femininity, finding your inner bombshell! Also yummy kid friendly recipes, which if you can make them last long enough, can be made as beautiful Christmas presents.

Exclusive Interviewsmicrophone

The Raw Mom Blog will stay as it is – but the Raw Mom Club invites interviews special guests who appreciate ‘moms’ and want to give something back to YOU. See this time as your payback! Each month there will be a special little surprise offering… like a monthly mother’s day gift –  designed my mothers who KNOW what you want and what you need!

wilkesbioThis month I interview Elaine Wilkes, author of Natures Secret Messages. Elaine talks about her journey and what inspired her to write this beautiful book. She looks at the deep connection between mother-nature and our own bodies – eco – awareness on a whole new level! You’ll have to wait until to 1st November to open your present from Elaine…

YOU Choose – Audio or Articles

Downloadable interviews you can listen to on your mp3 player when you’re having a ‘feet up’ moment or running a bath are great. When you want to share your new ‘discovery’ with friends or family,  printable Q&A sheets are much easier!

DVD Package_HRSpecial Appearances!

Due to the powers that be  Jenna Norwood did not make the event – but she has A LOT to say about this whole Raw Mom Cooked dad scenario – as this was her inspiration when she was researching her film, Supercharge Me. So prepare for a great interview with Jenna in November’s Raw Mom Club line up..loucorona

As if this wasn’t enough!! Tera interviews Lou Corona. For the past twenty-three years Lou has facilitated seminars, classes and workshops about the life-changing tools that have consistently brought about radiant health, freedom and transformation for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

Talk to An Expert

As November is all about putting what we have learned from the raw Mom Cooked dad event into ACTION – we have invited the creator of our amazing menu planner and recipe book. Marie Pavillard will guide you through any questions and iron out any creases – so you can glide straight into a healthier tomorrow.

ritamarieEach month we will feature different experts including Karen Ranzi, Dr. Ritamarie, Angelina Elliot, Joanna Stevens & Ruth Hofer, answering your questions on nutrition, creating and  feeding healthy children, raw pregnancy and weaning, and thriving on a raw vegan lifestyle.

By staying in touch through the club we are so excited to be able to give you exactly what it is you WANT to hear – rather than HOPING we’ll answer your questions.


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We’re going to guide you through a 30-day, supported journey to get the whole family on board the raw food bandwagon. With prizes, contest and fun stuff for kids, all you need to do is challenge them to join you in an adventure, and we’ll do the rest. We’ve had a specially designed menu planner put together. We actually paid over a thousand dollars just to develop this menu planner, and in the future, we’ll be selling it as part of a 30-day coaching program for at least $197.

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Raw Mom Cooked Dad Contestgift

As we don’t seem to know when to stop – we thought it would be fun to offer a FREE YEAR’S SUBSCRIPTION to the Raw Mom Club!!

All you have to do is tell us in the blog comment box below what YOU got out of the Raw Mom Cooked Dad event. We have had such great comments throughout the event – but now that you’ve heard all the speakers, we would love to have your final words. The winner will be announced on the blog tomorrow.

So Much Love & Great Big Hugs

Fiona & Tera


  1. Jodie says

    Oh My Goodness!! I’m still blown away from those calls. This truly was an amazing thing to be apart of. I loved listening to different people’s views and how they live being raw. There were funny bits, many bits I could relate too, new information bits and above all, it was all very interesting! Going into these calls I had only known of 2 of fantastic interviewees (Ka Sundance and Frederic P). These calls have helped broaden my knowledge of the other interesting people. I loved them all.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, SOOO MUCH! Not only to Terra and Fiona but also the interviewees for giving us so much insight, love and light. xx


  2. Ivandill says

    Me and my girlfriend became vegetarian in the early 90s.We did well for a couple of year, doing our local criollo cuisine, without the meat. That mean a lot of rice and beans with plantains or pana (breadfruit) and lettuce tomato salad.We always being working on the restaurant industry and that lead us to do the meat thing again. But keep the healthy outlook, meaning instead of white rice ,integral rice , lot of tofu, and lot salad and veggies.But we were eating a lot stuff not necesary heathy also, including a lot of chicken red meat and fritters. Normal for a puerto rican cuisine. Fast foward almost 18 year we have our first baby and this and the fact that the economy isnt as good ,make me one day say to my girl that we should go veggie again. Our baby became fast our main focus since the first month of pregnancy,giving him and my girl the best nutrition became my focus this lead me to start researching veganism again and i stumble onto a raw food book in a store one day. Also looking for a new career
    i became enroll in cooking school. So what caught my eyes from this book was how all this plates look aesthetically and how nutritious too.So i buy the book and started uncooking . Almost five month now , we are in a high raw diet, the baby is thriving, and my research is constant. Thats how i came in contact with this rawmoncookdad thing. Naturally so much information everywhere, make me ask a lot of question. So im glad to have stumble in to this event. I have found a lot of answers, and a clearer path is ahead for my family and personally, looking foward to keep my (un)cooking learning in a profesional way. My favorite interview was Ani Phios(THE WRITER OF MY FIRST RAW FOOD BOOK),David Wolf and Daniel Viteli,but enjoy them all. Would like to to subsribe to the club to keep it coming,but got priorities firsts(my Excalibur is on the way).

    Thanks for this Event


  3. Dena says

    Thank you so much!!! Can’t say enough. I listed to help my husband with his diabetes. He has been eating raw now since Monday, and his blood sugar has become normal now since yesterday. I sure hope I’m proving my point to him with your help of course. He tested tonight and his BS was at 97. Ya! And he didn’t have the feeling of hypoglycemia. That is amazing!!! You both have helped us so much. Thank you for all of your hard work. You both are fabulous.
    Dena in Washoual, Wa. :o)


  4. Surya says

    I received an unusual and unexpected kind of benefit from the “raw mom cooked dad” event. It happened like this: I did not get to hear one single interview. I am an unschooling raw mom of 3 kids ages 8.5, 4 and 8 months. The kids have been 100% raw all their lives but my husband who had been all raw for 6 years, went back to eating anything when not in the home. I was so looking forward to this event and getting some support and understanding for his choice and thereby some healing for my heart as I felt quite alone in my journey with the kids. But since my iPhone is my Internet connection (as I can’t be tethered to a computer with free minds to attend to) and the event was not available on the iPhone, i was not able to hear even one interview. So after wallowing in my disappointment for a couple of days, then just bottoming out in a puddle of lonliness and anxiety, I just let it go. (!) I let go of my disappointment in my husband and anxiety about his health and my feelings of betrayal and distrust. The only insight I can offer is that it became clear to me that every living being suffers in someway, it just appears differently on the surface. It’s all the same suffering (and joy) below the surface.


  5. says

    Hi Tera, Fiona and all the others who made this event possible. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! The raw mom/cooked dad summit was nothing less than amazing. As expected, I learned a LOT more than just how to deal with the raw mom/cooked dad scenario. I love how embracing this summit was of MANY different ideas, even some controversial ones. I think it’s really cool how the raw food movement is advancing and moving out of just the realm of what we eat. It seems that many of the speakers are thinking of sustainability, practicality, and just generally getting in touch with what we each need on a PERSONAL level. It’s not just about “how raw are you?” It’s recognizing that the raw food movement has opened up our minds to SO many other things. It has opened us up in general to a better way of life and one that is more in harmony. and I think that’s really the point! I loved hearing Lorenna speak. I walked away from that interview so empowered, and also relieved. I realized that all I have to do first is figure out how I should eat, how I thrive, not how the rest of the world or even my family should eat!! Simple as it is, that really hadn’t hit me yet. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Again, thank you so much for sharing and being open about new ideas. I am so grateful for my raw mom community. When I’m feeling lonely and isolated, I know that there are people out there just like me trying to do our best and live a little bit more consciously. <3


  6. Kelly says

    The most important message that I learned from the Raw Mom Cooked Dad event was to be more understanding and non-judgemental of myself and others. I think that this was one of the main messages of the calls, to learn how to relate to all of those around us and essentially “keep the peace”. I often find myself getting defensive and judgemental about others’ opinions on food and of my views and I am trying hard to not take it so seriously and to let everyone be who they are and focus mostly on myself. I do think it’s important to get the information out there and help to make people aware of health, food and nutrition, but without doing it in a judgemental way. Thank you Tera and Fiona for putting the whole thing together, I am truly grateful;))


  7. says

    Thanks you for such a compelling summit. Thanks to you now “raw mom cooked dad” means: two different philosophy around lifestyle who work at finding ways to sit down together and enjoy a meal! Enjoy life!


  8. Susan says

    I heard about this summit through the Greemsmoothiegirl website and decided to give it a try. My first thought was that it seemed like a big time commitment. However, after I started listening to the calls, I found myself sneaking to listen to them during lunch at work, and staying up late at time to listen (some of them twice). I was sad to see the event end. I shared some of the information I was learning with my family. Through this, my 18 year old son decided that he now wants to eat less meat and include more veggies in his diet. My husband is tired of hearing me talk about it, so the calls from your partners were good for me to hear. I have learned to embrace where he is in his journey.

    Also, my dad and brother died of complications due to diabetes and both had been on dialysis. When I heard Sergei’s story I just cried. Diabetes runs in both sides of my family (Type I and Type II) and I have always felt somewhat of a foreboding in passing along these genes to my kids. None of them have developed diabetes at this point and I hope they never do, but it is likely that their children might. I shared Sergei’s story with my kids with the hope that they will remember that things are not so hopeless should diabetes pop up in their future.

    I found useful nuggets of wisdom from each of the speakers and bought several of the books mentioned, as well as visiting several of the websites. My daughter and I are thinking about doing a raw food retreat next year.

    Thank you for everything! It was invaluable. I had no idea there was such a raw food community out there.
    Susan in Cedar City, Utah


  9. Sara says

    Even if we didn’t realise it…..I feel that we were all working towards WORLD PEACE during this summit.

    Yes, i learned HEAPS about raw food nutrition etc….but most importantly i learned a lot about….trying to understand where others are coming from & also relationship/communication skills….especially between male & females :-)

    I always thought i was a non-judgemental person, but i know i can become even more non-judgemental. This summit has made me look at myself at a deeper level….& I will now continue to grow at a deeper level…to try to understand & accept more of where other people may be coming from e.g. someone elses opinions, points of view, beliefs.

    Tera & Fiona, i feel the world needs a WORLD PEACE SUMMIT….& you’ve begun it….& have passed on practical tools to us….which we’ll pass onto those we come into contact with.

    Peace to all !!

    Sara :-)


  10. says

    It was great to hear about the different point of few about going
    all raw or not. Or at leat 60% like I do. This is a very, very personal decision, because involved emotions. If we eat wholesome food on a sad mood, the body pick up the signal right away. It is better to be happy eating or drinking what pleases your organism and your senses. The semminar was great. I took great notes cutting and pasting here and there. I give each one of participants a round of applause! Keep on living and fighting for our wellbeing: ALL OF US! and God bless! AC


  11. Jenn says

    I got so much out of these calls….mostly though that my family’s situation (raw mom, raw kids, cooked Dad, cooked kids) is not unique. It is a very real reality for many. I gained support, inspiration and joy from these calls. I also gained a new found respect for every one’s diet. Thank you!


  12. Patricia Self says

    Let’s see, what did Raw MOM, Cooked Dad mean to me? First of all let me give you a little background on myself. I personally have been through the ringer lately, having been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, ankylosing spondylitis, two bulging discs, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and depression. I completely turned my health around with a raw diet. My first son was showing signs of autism at the age of 2 when he started to regress after his MMR vaccination. We were so toxic from our diet, my dental amalgams, and vaccinations that we HAD to do something. Through dietary changes, supplements and natural detox, my son has made a major comeback. My husband was always several steps behind and reluctant to change his diet. His opinion is, “Why should I suffer, if I don’t have any health problems?” I’ve given him several ultimatums to shape up or ship out, and each time he makes very small progress. I’ve often cried in front of my meals while he sat and ate egg sandwiches or pizza in front of the kids. I was so close to leaving him! This event really made it easier for me to see the big picture. To understand him better and why it is so hard for him. I learned that many others are going through the same, and that gives me comfort. I am an occupational therapist and nutritional consultant and I often get so frustrated with people who are so slow to change. This event gave me the ability to reflect on small changes and be thankful for them. I don’t know if this will last, but it has kept me from bolting for a little bit longer 😉 Thanks for opening my mind and heart and giving me the strength to endure.

    Patricia Self


  13. Kellie says

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It has been so fantastic, inspiring & motivating to listen to these people who walk the talk.

    I am eight months pregnant with my fourth child and have been dabbling in raw foods for the past 5 years or so. Although we have incorporated many small changes like green smoothies I had yet to commit fully to this way of life. As a result (and as Tera mentioned a number of times in the interviews) I too feel pain when I (or someone else) feeds my children food that I know is not ideal. As an avid believer in ‘thoughts are things’ I knew this was totally the wrong vibration to be sending out as my children ate, but I just couldn’t seem to help myself!!!

    When the summit started I was thinking about this alot and came to the conclusion that for me, it was mainly because I wasn’t living according to my values, if I was ever going to do this thing it was NOW!

    Even though I was quite scared and ALOT of conditioning was rearing it’s ugly head (especially in regards to fears about the baby getting enough nutrition and growing ok) I made a commitment and have been eating raw for the past 10 days. YAY!!! I am going very easy and doing alot of research. I have a menu plan for the month and shopping lists. I am making lots of recipes but mostly eating fresh food. I am keeping a record of the recipes I like and think the rest of the family will like.

    At the moment I am focusing on myself and getting into the routine and habit of eating this way. At the end of the month I will reassess and work out what recipes are favourites and slowly introduce the recipes to the rest of the family. Starting with lunch as I think this is the easiest raw meal. I am taking the first step on the journey and it already feels so good.

    It is quite tricky at the moment as I feel like I am doing double the shopping and food prep but I feel so good about it. I think it helps that in Australia we are in Spring – perfect for new beginnings! The calls on your summit have helped me stay focused and have put so many of my nagging little doubts to rest. It is one thing to make this decision for myself and quite another to make it for four little souls that are dependant on me (obviously hubby is going to be a work in progress!!!) However saying that, I am excited and feel that I am finally walking the talk too!!

    Other areas of my life seem to have more clarity as well and best of all after feeling really crappy this whole pregnancy I finally feel well and have lots of energy. I’m fully aware that this is a journey and I have decided to be very gentle on myself but I feel so much joy that I have taken the first step. Thank you all and especially to Tera and Fiona, you do change lives – I hope you know how wonderful you are!


  14. Winsome says

    Hi Tera and Fiona:
    Thank you so much!! for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing event. I was truly blessed. “Raw Mom and Cooked Dad” meant a lot to me. When I first saw the advertisement I thought that was very interesting, and knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of. The calls were exciting and fun, there was laughter in the air. There was such a glow on each person’s face that I wanted to know the secret, and so each morning after my son and Husband left for school and work I took notes.
    I am a stay home mom/Massage Therapy student, vegetarian 15 years. My 6 yrs old son is non-verbal has Down Syndrome so I try daily to give him a good diet, so I am always using my Vitamix, because I give him a smoothie every day and a blended salad whenever he’ll accept it, he is very strong for his age, but hits his chin with a close fist because he can’t a express himself and that create a lot of stress on me. My husband pretty much eats whats given to him as he doesn’t cook, but doesn’t support me going raw and thinks I am obsessed.
    I have learned to keep “peace on the plate” and harmony in the home. Each Artist was emphasizing what the other says, and I thought that was interesting. It’s all about Love and balance and prioritizing ands peace. Alissa says to learn to make beautiful raw meal, to wine and dine your family and people and I totally agree. Don’t get others stress about this lifestyle they’ll see your energy and how you feel and I agree. She also mention to organize meals, that I am lacking in, so I am willing to learn how. Penni says to make time for ourself and make our juice first thing in the a.m., “a determined commitment”, and I will take her advice. Markus says let the thing you love go and be the best that you can be, they’ll come after you, I am ready to do that. He also mention that when we are unhappy the cells are unhappy because they are looking to us for instruction, I think that was very interesting and informative. David stressed about relationship, and how to be at peace with each other. Ron was very funny, he encourages us to shop in bulk, he talks about how Nadine reflects the light in him and that was so cute. The last call I listened to was Matt Monarch who talked about what to eliminate from the diet. I wasn’t able to listen to the rest of the calls, but for all the information I have gathered I am truly grateful. I will be trying my raw diet starting tomorrow.
    So to Tera and Fiona I say keep on doing what you are doing, you have touched so many lives including mine, and I am truly grateful. To know that I am not alone and there are other like myself trying to get on the right path to be healthy. So Blessings to you both!!
    Winsome N.Y.


  15. Cheryl says

    Thank you for these interviews. Some I fully agreed with..some I have to digest and think over..some I did not agree with. There was something for everyone. Very much worth the time. I have been slowly killing myself with food over the years. My A1C is 13.1, had uteran cancer and have heart attack ears :-)
    The information provided has given me the courage and kick in the pants to change my eating habits, learn more about the detox process and B suppliments. Will look more into the natural plants, Look forward to trying the recipes. My boyfriend is not much of a veggie eater. I like all the coments on respecting others choices. Loving the members of your family and not pestering them to change, but being a fine example. I like also the encouragement about not feeling you are a failure if it takes quite some time to change. Some can do it overnight..others can not. That it is ok not to go 100% raw. Its a slower path for others and some 80% or less works best. We are all different and do what works for us. We should not judge others for their choices. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge provided through the interviews. The years of combined experience is a treasure. You have helped many to come to a better understanding of what is all involved.


  16. Tracey says

    I didn’t get a chance to listen to all the interviews, but loved what I did manage to hear. I think I will be signing up to the relax package. Thank you so much for the amazing work that you do. You lovely ladies inspire me to be a better person.
    My son has eczema and that is what prompted me to try a raw food diet. Over the past year I have felt like I am riding a roller coaster. I have purchased just about every ebook that you have for sale and participated in some of your challenges to make the transition. I have wins with the family and make progress and then they want cooked food again.
    Last week before this summit started I had a huge fight with my husband over food. I made the family a nice brown rice salad, my husband wanted steak, so I got him some. I didn’t want the children to have any, they complained because they wanted what their father was having. My husband started getting angry, it then went on from there that he wanted tomato sauce and I refuse to buy it because our son will put it on bread and everything and it can trigger his eczema. I try to keep things out of the house like bread and sauce and my husband brings them in. I said that he was being selfish and that he should think about what we are trying to achieve for our son. He then gave all the meat to the kids and said that he is not selfish. I started yelling, and he argued back and started to push my buttons and rant and rave that he wants to eat steak and all the other rubbish. Before I could stop myself I had uttered well I hope you get bowel cancer. Something so small escalated so quickly out of control. I was horrified with myself, I went to bed sobbing and he went to bed hungry. He usually is supportive and knows the benefits of eating raw, he loves green smoothies, he is just not ready to take that step.
    I have learnt to work on myself first and hopefully that will inspire them, to make it fun and it may take some time.
    By the way my husband and I do still love each other and I apologised when we both calmed down. I would never wish such a terrible thing on anybody and wished that I could take it back the moment I said it.


  17. sammy says

    The healthy eating movement is on fire ! Thank you to the wonderful people like the Raw Diva team that are teaching us all how to get back to basics and the support and love they share . There is no better gift you all could give the world but help to stop the mistreatment of creatures on this earth , to stop the pollution of our planet and share your knowledge ,wisdom ….is no better gift to give the world then your love ! Father heaven and Mother earth have given us all we need . The powers that be have stolen our lives , minds, hearts and souls for their profit and greed without us even knowing it . We have forgotten how to pass on the pure love of the universe. I am so grateful for you and your team , so blessed for all your guest . Thank you sooo much !
    After changing careers to a stress full sit down job, I have gained over 100 pounds in the last 10 yrs.. I knew there just have to be a better way ! This last few weeks of discovery the raw and healthy ways of living and ordering a few books for you site , I am happy to say that the weight is coming off so easy, I feel more fantastic than before. Because I have a tight budget , I even started my own organic garden , and I live in an apartment ! Trying to get my family to give up meat isn’t easy … but the more I learn good tasting recipes the more interesting it gets. Smoothies and juices are a big hit ! We’ve gone through the stage of, well your eat what you want to eat and I’ll just cook my meat over here … to my husband even commented on My meals , that if it would taste great like this all the time he wouldn’t mind eating like this .
    Talking , getting upset , battling out the will powers, ” why can’t you see I love it you and I want you to live to be 100 with me ” didn’t help … what did ?… ” just do it ” !!!
    Great quote I heard recently, ” just don’t give they any , and they will want some ! ” ha! ha! I love it ! Blessings to you and ours ! Thank you again with all my heart !


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