David Wolfe, free talk on Hormones!

I saw this, found it extremely enlightening, and wanted to pass it on to all you wonderful health seekers.

David Wolfe has made a series of videos, recorded at his longevity conference, available for FREE!

I loved it!  Quick and clear  – he made it really easy to understand how hormones work and inter-relate and gave tips for re-building them.  I wanted to get it to you in time for the weekend when you might have more time to watch them.   (I used my exercise time – brought my mini-trampoline into the office and bounced while watching – forever multi-tasking!!)


I’ll be implementing his tips on improving thyroid and adrenal health right away.

Let me know what you think.

xoxo  Lyn

P.S. He is one of the people Tera and Fiona interviewed for the Raw Mom, Cooked Dad Summit.  You can hear more from David Wolfe there – along with an incredible assortment of other great interviews.  If you don’t already know about it – you’ve got to check that out!

FREE sign up for the event http://www.rawmom.com/rawmomcookeddad/

You can also check out it all out at:  http://www.rawmom.com/blog


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