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  • Successful Self-Dentistry: The Secret to Naturally Healthy Teeth & Gums

    This week, it’s probably not a coincidence that I’ve been studying up on successful self-dentistry via my friend Nadine Artemis and on Monday this week, my 10-year old daughter, Mika, fractured her tooth at the root.  She had a bump-in when some shorter, younger kid came ripping around the corner at school.

    After an emergency visit to the dentist, the prognosis is that she’s got 12-weeks of repair to do.  If she can keep her 10-year old body still enough not to bump that tooth for the next 12 weeks, then she might be able to save her tooth.  If not, my little princess is going to be a toothless wonder bug.

    Naturally, this has motivated me even more to share with you a bit about what I’ve been learning thanks to Nadine’s information on Successful Self-Dentistry. You can click here to listen to the interview yourself, and you’ll see the kit that I bought for my little family.  We took the time to go through that call and highlight a few of the key points for multi-taskers like me out there:

    Here are a few key points you’ll get out of this call:

    If you do the standard thing of brushing your teeth, maybe flossing and going to the dentist every 6 months, you are going to have cavities at some point. The little bits of peppermint flavor you’ll find in most toothpastes aren’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to oral health.

    The most important things to focus on are your gums and your teeth, and your entire approach to caring for them will change when you realize that your gums and your teeth ARE alive!!

    • The inside of your mouth is only one cell thick
    • Gum health is REALLY important … holds the teeth in place … gums are like little turtlenecks for your teeth ;)  But the good news about that is that your gums are ALIVE an will grow back and respond to proper oral care.

    So, what is proper oral care?

    Nadine created “Healthy Gum drops” which is a medicinal product made from essential oils. Here’s what some people may not realize about essential oils.  (These are the biggest reasons Nadine uses them in her tooth care products!)

    • They pass through the blood brain barrier and fat tissue (so they aid the body as a whole).
    • They are anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial (rose, clove, cinnamon, oregano etc.).

    Here are a few more interesting notes and key points that you’ll get from listening to Nadine’s call on Successful Self-Dentistry:

    • Sugar is NOT the issue but, it does make bacteria grow.
    • Saliva is nature’s miracle – it has similar organic compounds to bicarbonate.  Bicarbonate is also alkalizing and a great tool to have in the bathroom.
    • The key to white teeth is in the enamel and saliva. If you don’t have alkaline saliva, your saliva will eat away at your tooth enamel (not good).  Good diet IS key.
    • Plaque is essentially the excrement of bacteria!! YUCK! Nadine uses NEEM for dealing with this!
    • You don’t want to be foaming and brushing! You need to brush with a dry toothbrush and use the NEEM for brushing!
    • Most toothpastes contain glycerin, which creates a build up on the tooth and then won’t allow salvia to get to the tooth.

    The kids and I have literally transformed the way we approach dental care. It used to be something we “had” to do before bed and in the morning, but now we’ve incorporated some of Nadine’s products and ideas and made it a really fun family time adventure together.

    1. Try brushing your teeth in the shower!

    2. Get an ionic toothbrush (Nadine sells these) and brush your teeth in the SUN!

    3. Always brush down gently from the top and then up from the bottom!

    4. Be very careful with electric toothbrushes, not to wear back the gums. Use them only on the tooth surface!

    And that’s just the beginning! There are loads more ideas in the call that you should check out, and here’s a quick look at some of them:

    • What to do for kids that makes it really easy for them to clean their teeth.
    • Special products for people who have sensitive gums or gum pockets.
    • The best floss to use and why!
    • Why you should never use pressure when you brush your teeth, and one toothbrush should last you your entire life!!
    • Why you should NOT brush your teeth after meals, and what you should do instead!
    • Why if you have sensitive teeth, it’s not the teeth you need to be careful about. It’s the GUMS!
    • How to get rid of tooth stains naturally, within a number of hours!

    Gum Disease is the #1 disease in North America and leads to a lot of other health issues, so PLEASE take the time to review this important information with Nadine and I encourage you to get yourself hooked up with some healthy dental tools! It’s made all the difference in our family’s life recently and I hope this helps you too!

    You can access Nadine’s book and self-dentistry resources here.

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    10 Responses to “Successful Self-Dentistry: The Secret to Naturally Healthy Teeth & Gums”

    1. By Michelle @ Raw Food Health Watch on Sep 29, 2010

      Excellent info.. I’m heading over to Nadine’s site now to learn more. Thanks! I knew there was more to dental care than flossing, the occasional rubber tipping and toothpaste without fluoride.. my teeth need some improvement in the whitening dept as well as some other areas I’m sure… thanks again :)


      Reply by Tera on September 29th, 2010

      Happy to help, Michelle.! I love, love, loooove Nadine and her amazing products! Enjoy!! xo


    2. By Gail Pugsley on Oct 1, 2010

      Something just amazing for teeth, gums, and health I read about is called oil-pulling. Take coconut oil (I think a tablespoon) and swish it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes and then spit it out, daily.


      Reply by Tera on October 6th, 2010

      I’ve never tried oil pulling, Gail, but I might just google about and try it! Thanks for the suggestion. xoox


    3. By Diane on Aug 29, 2011

      Was your daughter’s tooth saved? I would like to know in detail the repair process…was this all using Nadine’s products or did it involve repair at the dental office? Thanks.


      Reply by Tera on September 11th, 2011

      Hi, Diane.

      I’m not sure if it was Nadine’s process or the food, or the discipline, or the prayers, but YES!!!! We saved her tooth. The dentists were SHOCKED!!! and so impressed. Thanks for asking!!



    4. By Nkisi on May 26, 2012

      Tera, et al.:
      I cannot consume your posts quickly enough. I am devouring your website, and pinching myself that I stumbled upon this treasure trove of everything I’ve ever hoped for: natural health, bright, vital, abundant energy! I cannot believe it. This is real, right??? :) I don’t remember how I came upon your site, but am so grateful that I did! You capture the mind, body, spirit connection so well, and it resonates so strongly with me.
      LOVE this!
      Vibrant health to you!


    5. By Sue on Dec 7, 2012

      Dear Tera,

      Thanks for this enlightened information. You are always one step ahead on important up-to-date information. I was looking for this for years, thank you again for pointing me into the right direction. Sue


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