BiG Green Smoothie Ripple Makers: Mandeep Lota

– by Stacey Terry

Mandeep - the green bar maid

Before we get to the good stuff…  I LIVED!!!

hehe… sorry to be so dramatic, but I’ve been a weeeeee bit anxious the last week or so about a knee surgery that finally took place on Monday.  I had to repair a tear in my knee after an exuberant dancing incident last Halloween.  Thankfully all is well, and I didn’t even mope when the nurse told me I would NOT be getting the green smoothie I requested on my intake form. 😉

That’s okay… I’d made one the morning of the surgery, wrapped it up with a freezer pack and had it waiting in the car with my ride for when they released me in the afternoon.  And, after a night of fasting and a day of stress, I have to tell you THAT green smoothie was just about the best tasting one ever!

While I won’t be doing any jigging again just yet, I AM able at long last to get back here to the keyboard to bring you a new ripple maker story from BiG.

Today, I’d like to bring you the letter and fabulous pictures sent in by our Believe in Green enthusiast, Mandeep Lota.  Mandeep writes:

Dear Tera and Team,

deeliciousI wish to submit my little presentation that took place on Friday morning, in my class.   I am a student of a level 2 francisation course for new permanent residents, held at Cegep du Vieux, Montreal. I moved here in January 2008 for love!   Since April of this year, I have been making a vegetable juice almost every morning, inspired by Natalia Rose.

In the spirit of rawness I realised I had a business card from Raw in Montreal lying around my apartment. I had picked it up from the Expo Sante Manger last year. In July I finally decided to check it out and it led me to you.    Since then, I have partaken in the three day smoothie challenge and signed up for the Think BiG program.

After listening to all of the interviews and being awe-inspired, almost overwhelmed, at how much others have acheived in their quest for helping humanity, I felt that I too could play a part in this movement.   On the morning of Thursday, 26th August, I was overcome by a strong desire to inform my classmates of the benefits and tastyness of green smoothies. They have been watching me chug down green stuff for weeks now and I knew it piqued their interest.

incroyable-my-teacherBy Thursday evening, I had bought 2 bunchies of spinach and 3 bananas. I set to work of washing the leaves. Come Friday morning, I made the smoothie (the most I’d ever made in one go) with some apple juice and pineapple, and was off to school.   My teacher thought it was a fantastic idea.

one-half-of-classAfter we had completed a challenging test, she had invited me up to the front of the class. I actually got nervous. I knew everyone in my class and I wasn’t concerned about their opinions on the smoothie, it was the fact that I had to do it in French!    There are 20 students in the class, including me. We are quite a diverse range of people. The nationalities in my class range from Kurdistan, Moldave, Egypt, Algeria, China, Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Bangladesh, Nepal and me from Scotland!

other-half-of-classFrom the contest details it is written, who has the greatest impact and touches the most lives? Well, if my classmates have been inspired and encourage their families in their respective countries, then the possibilities are endless.     Everyone, being in the same boat, were patient as I extolled the virtues of green smoothies and what it had done for me. One of my friends wrote up the ingredients on the black board and some other information.

green-gloopy-goodnessI heard yuck sounds as I was squeezing out thick gloopy goodness into 1 ounce shooter cups. I figured that that was the best choice to get some smoothie down their gullets in a fast and painless way.   To my surprise, there were smiles on their faces, they were shocked that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be. I got a lot of, “c’est bon, c’est bon”. I handed out spoons so that none of the smoothie would be wasted and to my surprise every cup was empty!

Yippee, a success! My teacher was so enamoured that she took 2 cups!    I have attached the photo’s of the event.   Happy viewing, I’m so glad I did it!

Warm wishes,



hehe… I see smiles!  Well… mostly smiles!  And that’s beeeeautiful! We love seeing all the pictures and seeing folks get brave to suck up the green glop.  Mandeep did a fabulous, fabulous job and we definitely think she deserves some green cheer!

Once again,  I’m inviting ALL our runners up to participate in the next LIVE group 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox in January AND our next LIVE 10-day event in October for Halloween.  The Halloween event will be next on my list of things to do once we complete the 21-day detox.

By the way… I *gasp* ate a cooked meal last night after my surgery when I was feeling whiney and wanting some comfort food.  With the exception of some pesky roasted peanuts, it was the first cooked meal I’ve had in two weeks after starting the 21-day detox.

Let me tell you… that wee bit of harmless looking wheat pasta had me IN TEARS this morning over absolutely nothing…  I definitely had the post-gluten blues, so I’m back on the greens today!

Wishing you all a pasta-free Tuesday and a green jug filled evening!




  1. Kim says

    What a great story, presentation, and photos Mandeep! You’ve been able to reach out way beyond that classroom, as you said, and make a BiG difference to many more than you’ll ever know. What a wonderful idea you had and having to present this in a different language is very impressive! You make all of us very proud of you! I wish you the best of luck with your class, your love and your new home. Keep spreading those ripples and inspiring others! A BiG green thumbs up for a job well done!!!


  2. Carla Likich says

    Hi, Mandeep! It’s great to get to read about and see someone else that ‘stepped up’ to the challenge out there! How ‘fantastically fun for your friends’ to get a chance to taste your smoothie (it sounds yummy, by the way!) and what an opportunity to share that green goodness in an international way!

    I’ll have to go take a peek in the Emerald Lounge and see if you’ve posted in there so I can read more of your story…but congratulations on a successful presentation: I hope everybody’s asked for more many times since!


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