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  • Hey, Neighbor

    Hey, Neighbor.

    Do you have the latest super-powered, sun-dried, crystal-charged superfoods?

    Can you make triple chocolate fudge brownies with coconut frosting on top?

    Does your mandolin slice carrots into little diamond-shaped nuggets?

    Does it matter? 😉

    We spend so much time trying to get the best food, the tastiest
    recipes, the fanciest gadgets. All this hustle and hassle is such a
    distraction when the thing we really need is each other.

    Stop and smile at someone in the street, today, even if their eyebrows are all wrinkled up with stress.

    You wanna know what makes the world a better place? People like you with the courage to persist in spite of the obstacles toward a Life, not a diet, that inspires and uplifts you.

    We need inspiration, not dehydration.

    We thrive on support, not superfoods.

    Love tastes much sweeter than lucuma powder.

    Just knowing you’re out there, having the same
    conversations with yourself about food and fatty acids makes the world
    a better place for me, so keep on keeping on.

    Your biggest fan and admirer,

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    2 Responses to “Hey, Neighbor”

    1. By Sonya on Jun 12, 2010

      I LOOOOOOVE this great reminder to be authentic and to not sweat the things that do not really matter! Every time I get a sweet little note from you in my email, it is always right on target for something that is going on in my life.
      Thank you, dear Diva, for the magic and endless inspiration!



    2. By Samanthia on Jun 14, 2010

      I love this message it really brought a smile to my face. It so true that we need to remember to be ourselve and take time out to smile and not get caught up in the hustle of life. Spot on great stuff Diva. Love and light xx


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