Green Smoothie Ripples from Mexico that Change the World

– by Alejandra Hernando


Alejandra Hernando is an inspiring Green Smoothie Challenge participant and a Ripple Maker Award winner.  You can read how she spread the word about raw food and improved the lives and diets of children here.  And we’re delighted that she wrote to us to share how she’s been doing (her experience led her to create her own website in Mexico!!), and we’re thrilled to feature Come Frutas y Verduras (Eat Fruits and Veggies) today.  We hope you’ll share it with someone you know!  And stay tuned for our next Ripple Maker Award and free Blendtec blender contest coming up for International Green Smoothie Day! How will you change the world in your own green way?

Hi Tera,

It´s been a year since the ripple maker award and I just wanted to tell you how things are going around here.

I needed to tell you that being a ripple maker has been wonderful! It makes me feel alive and my daughter is so happy. She tells me that she was meant to do what we are doing. It gives me goosebumps but in a good way. She is so connected with her source in a way that amazes me and I know that our lifestyle helps her be in touch with herself. I know that being a raw vegan helps me be more in touch with my body, my mind and my soul.


The webpage project has been a total hit, and many have been touched by the wonders of green smoothies. Many people have  downloaded the Spanish green smoothie recipe book I did last year. Thanks again for helping me get on the move. You were right when you said I was on fire; I just couldn’t stop. I´m happy knowing that I can make a difference, and something that really amazes me is that we all can make a difference, one step at a time.

It´s been hard work, yes. But most important it’s been lots of fun. I like learning and giving, and what I have learned this year is that we need to be ready to give as well as to receive.

It all has been a challenge, but I know that I have grown. That I am a different person, more patient, more forgiving, more outgoing and fear has gone away.

That’s what’s been going on in my life after the green smoothie challenge back in March 2009.
I found a little poem about how we all are ripple makers. I asked the writer permission to post it and wanted you to read it.

A Ripple Maker

alejandra-hernando-green-smoothie-ripple-makerA ripple maker I will be,
a beacon in the dark…
A light to guide for all to see,
love I will impart.

Whatever our station in life may be,
He works it to our good,
if we but love and praise His name,
as we know we should…

The ripples of our lives can be
a gently sloshing wave…
That reaches others we don’t know,
and comes back to us someday…

The ripples that we now create
will land on distant shores…
Good ripples are addictive,
and we always crave some more…

Yes, a ripple maker I will be,
as I cast these thoughts to you…
Pick your pebbles carefully,
cause you’re a ripple maker too!

By Denise Landford
Used with permission:

Wishing you health, energy and inner peace,
Alejandra Hernando

You can read an English introduction to Alejandra’s project here:

And view her Spanish raw food and green smoothie website here:

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