A Chat About Love and Relationships with Sean Stephenson

Greeting, Gorgeous WISH-makers!

We’re now well into the merry, merry month of May and it’s time for an update!

I’ve been meaning to get you this May newsletter for weeks, and now that June is just around the corner, necessity dictates that I get my act together. And isn’t it always like that? We wait until the last minute before we finally put the pedal to the metal. You’ll be happy to know that’s not how I’m preparing for WISH 2011. In fact, I’ve already confirmed quite a few quests and I’m getting really excited about next year, already.

The season is still ripe for detox and declutter and if you’ve not yet had the chance to clean out the cupboards for a garage sale, may I suggest this 30-Day De-clutter program from our house. If the closets are doing fine, but the body needs a bit more love, then you may want to consider doing a simple 10-day green smoothie detox for only 10 smackeroos. We also have our Free 7-Day Raw Food Detox for women, but that’s a bit harder to do than the 10-day challenge. Check them both out and pick one that feels right for YOU!

I’m not one to promote extreme cleanses or impossibly difficult detox programs, as I have found that the rate of people who bounce back to bingeing is much higher than when we do programs that encourage a healthy gradient over time.

I can certainly feel the effects of summer on my system. Low-fat, high fruit and veggies is the way to go! If you’ve ever wanted to try out the raw food diet, then now is the time! As you know, many of WISH Summit 2010 speakers were practicing the raw food diet with great success!

An interview with Sean Stephenson

This month I’m sharing a cozy little conversation that Sean Stephenson and I had the other day. He’d recently had his heart broken and was looking to chat it up about love, trust and relationships. Speaking with Sean is always a treat and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this heart to heart with the 3-foot giant himself.

You can listen to this interview here:

Sean offered a gift to WISH listeners! You can go here to check out the first episode of his TLC show The 3-Foot Giant. Just watching this makes me want to step the notch up on my own productivity and turn the volume WAY down on my occasional urges to complain that things may not be going as well as I think they should.

Sean is an incredible person whose story has inspired millions, and we were so honored to have him as part of our WISH Summit 2010. How much more excited can you imagine I got when we wrote to just “catch up” and share thoughts and heart strings on the subject of love, trust and building relationships that last!

Hope you enjoy this call! Got a great one planned for June. JJ Virgin’s going to get your flabby arms looking slim and slener for summer! Watch for that coming soon!

I am still very excited to present you our third and final featured artist for WISH, but we’re still busy putting together the last details to present you what she’s up to, so that will come with the flabby arm rescue mission next newsletter.

Until then, dose up on deep breaths near lilac trees and bask in the wonderfulness of being!





  1. Lili-Anne says

    When we click on Sean’s Audio interview, we get a message “File not found”.


    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on March 2nd, 2012

    Hi Lili-Anne,

    I believe that interview was only online for free for a set period of time, and then afterward it was available as part of a WISH package of interviews available to be purchased.


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