terainbluebellsMy mom used to whisper sweet things in our ear when we were young, and I love to do this too whenever my boys are falling asleep or heading out the door…One day I must share with you our night time ritual which is just so special…Even though my boys are getting bigger at 10 and 12, they still ask for it and says it helps them fall asleep.

In the meantime, let’s talk about wishes…Cinderella says a wish is a dream you have kept in your heart. Every mother has a dream in her heart for her children. These dreams are our guiding light to give us strength when we need it, to brighten our lives when we lose hope, and to sweeten our steps of this overwhelmingly intense journey we find ourselves on.

Have you ever written out what you wish for? What you dream of? Have you given any loving attention to your rich inner world? Women have the power to birth life and build communities; we are naturally imbued with a sacred heart. If we do not take time to center ourselves there, the inheritance of our ancestors cannot prevent that power from being leaked and drained away from us.

I recently had the honour of interviewing Marianne Williamson for WISH which I’d like to share about. WISH is a world-wide empowerment party for women and you are all invited! Tera had a dream in her heart to build community and empower women for many years and has actively been engaging herself in that mission.

. Women embody an emotional connection that men stand in awe of and secretly revere. Tera gets that about women and she has invited me to help bring to life a program for women that is beautiful and inspiring and world-class called W.I.S.H. Women’s International Summit for Health.

wish-banner-prWe have gathered together some of the most activated beings on the planet to support and inspire you on your mission: Marianne Williamson, Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, Victoria Boutenko, Rainbeau Mars, Barbara De Angelis, and nearly 40 other luminous minds and hearts! Please join with thousands who have already signed up and tell all the women in your life to join you!

Marianne Williamson talks a lot about the power of women. She tells the story of how every wild animal in Nature ferociously takes care of their young, and cites the example of Hyenas, noting how they do not eat until their young are fed, and yet, we Western Women who have so much, are not stepping into our power enough. She says:

“A common anthropological characteristic of every advanced mammalian species that survives and thrives is the fierce behaviour of the adult female when she senses a threat to her cubs. Our relative complacency while 17,000 children on our planet starve to death every day — one every five seconds — indicates a lack of positive intention, on the part of our species, literally to survive. The power we hold as American women is unmatched anywhere in the world, and our failure to use that power as effectively as we might on behalf of those who need us the most is a situation now ripe for change.”

This is the kind of activation that is possible. We are women! We are mothers! We are sisters, we are daughters, we are friends, we are lovers! We are powerful and we are needed. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are a wished for dream.


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    Alot of us don’t get around to actually knowing ourselves until our 40’s, so hurray for you Tiffany- you are ahead of the game and on track for you! Yes, coming to know oneself, it’s a journey of a lifetime. I always say, to know someone is to love them. May you love yourself the more deeply connected to your real essence you become. You are so easy to love xo


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