Kickin’ Kale Chips

By Doll Creelman

Can healthy snacks be this simple??

red_kaleI never knew eating raw snacks could be this good! Take a step back all you prepackaged, synthesized flavored treats. I’m here to tell you that I have found a new, get me through the cravings, snack.

Today I made kale chips. Simple, easy and oh so yummy. Instead of the cheese covered things that leave your fingers all orangey and your lips with an MSG buzz I’ve been enjoying small handfuls of warm, crispy kale chips seasoned lightly with olive oil and a mixed herb and salt sprinkle.

Here’s what I did:

  • Tore leaves from the stem (which I gave to Einstein, my fuzzy lop bunny)
  • Drizzled olive oil lightly
  • Used the mixed seasoning (organic mix from the store from a pepper mill)
  • Turned the oven on at low setting, left the door open and slowly dried them out. (this works until I get my dehydrator)

There are many recipes online for variations of this but for me the simplicity was enough! Certainly keeps my hand out of the popcorn bowl and the potato chip bag that I was searching for.

The possibilities are endless! I’m thinking some chili powder but give a nice bite! What do you think? Are your raw food snacks easy and simple? Let us know what you are snacking on.

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