(21-Day Challenge) Day 5: Lasagna Lovin’ on a Friday Night!

I just mopped my floors. Mr. Right is on his way to pick up my new friend Andrea and they’re coming over for dinner. Andrea is an Alissa Cohen grad and has been busy all day making some amazing food for tonight. She and I met at a raw food potluck recently and I loooooove her! We’re going to start doing workshops together and tonight is our “executive business planning meeting”. 😉

Mr. Right is a marketing G E N I U S, so we want to tell him all about our big plans to RAWK Montréal and we’re shmoozing him with a scrumptious raw food meal. But before it all happens, I just couldn’t resist checking in to see how everyone’s doing. So TELL ME, why don’t ya?! Here’s my ditty for the day:

Today was sunny and filled with promise.

I went and played in a soccer field barefoot for a while–to touch the Earth and feel grass between my toes… to look up at the sky while lying on my back and feel like I could stretch myself to eternity.

I feel good.

I feel on track and focused.

Sometimes the simple declaration that you’re going to take on a challenge with the intent to achieve a certain goal is enough. Sometimes it feels as though it’s enough to state your intention to do something and then it’s like the Powers that Be conspire in your favor.

I’ve been making a juice every day. I’ve not been saying, “I’m going to do a juice feast,” or trying to impose weird ultimatums on myself. I’ve just been making juice and drinking it. That feels good! It sure helps to keep the juicer perched on the counter at all times. I’ve developed a new mess-reduction technique and it’s working for me!

I’ve been eating well and realize all over again that the simpler the foods are, the more they appeal to me. Fancy dishes and complicated recipes are tasty and serve their purpose, but I’m quite content with an avocado or a few fresh figs or a mango just as they are. No pomp and circumstance.

How’s your challenge going?

Are you keeping points for yourself?

I’ve not been ready to take on the idea of points until now because I’ve been so focused on just getting my feet on the ground after this move, but I’ve decided that for the remainder of this challenge, which is about 15 or 16 days, I’m going to give myself points every day for:

  • making a juice
  • eating 100% raw
  • vigorous, sweat-producing exercise for 20 minutes or more.
  • staying positive and celebrating life’s unexpected surprises that come in what feels like ugly wrapping paper! “Staying in the driver’s seat” of my Life.

I can give myself 2.5 points for each one to have a nice, round 10/10. Since there are only 15 days left, I will have a top score of 150. If I am a total champion and I know it, then Mr. Right is going to take me to the Spa and I am going to go for another pedicure (no matter what my budget tells me).

If I cruise close, but no cigar, no spa and no pedicure, but I’ll buy what it takes to learn how to do a home pedicure. 😉 Or something like that. Shopping would be nice… new summer shoes, perhaps…

Anyway, I feel on target. This new apartment is marking some new beginnings and it feels good even with a few growing pains.

Here’s the interview I promised you from yesterday! Susan Shenk is the author or Live Food Factor and I highly recommend you check it out!! She’s offering a ridiculously good deal on this book, but look for yourself and see what I mean.

On this call she discusses the things she thinks are most important to succeed on the raw food diet.

  • -Why people mess up trying to follow the raw food path.
  • -The most important reasons for going raw.
  • -What an 80-90 percent raw food diet cannot do that a 100% raw diet CAN do.
  • -tricks for healthy weight loss or maintaining your weight
  • -how to build healthy habits
  • -how long it should take to get over “detox” once you’re all raw

and a whole lot more! It’s a quick call. Quick and action-packed. I think you’ll really like what she has to say and again… she’s got a 660 page book selling for 25 smackeroos AAAAAAAAND, she’s got like 70-plus FREE Bonus gifts and ebooks that come with it. She’s definitely a woman of extremes, but I think a lot of us can relate! Check her out and check out that comment section below to let us know how you’re doing out there!

I’m getting ready for lasagna! onion bread! yuummmmmy salad and CHEESECAKE!! Mmmmm…

I better go before company shows up and I’ve got my nose glued to my e-life. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Lasagna love,


Love and


  1. Nicole Lafleche says

    I just wrote my progress on yesterday’s blog, oops. Looking forward to listening to the call.
    Onion bread sounds delicious…let us know how it is.
    Bon Apetit!



  2. Vanetta says

    Hi all,
    I am in a very bust season right now. Tons of catch up stuff to do at my home after living in two homes for the past 7 1/4 months. I haven’t had time to figure out a point system. For me, I am at peace about where I am right now and continue to do what promotes that.

    We recently found out that my daughter’s heart is completely healthy and NOT the source of her recently-developed seizure disorder! Yeah. She has become very much more proactive in reducing unnecessary stress and standing firm in her decisions. This has helped me feel more in the driver’s seat of my own life….Yeah! And she is considering adopting more of a raw food’s diet. Double yeah!!

    I may not be able to post often, but know I am “with” you and doing what is important to me and for my health!

    Hugs to everyone! You haven’t been forgotten.. :)


  3. mom says

    Hugs to you Vanetta… We are thinking of you !

    Tera .. sounds like you are having a good time .. yea for you !!
    Remember you still have that birthday present coming your way … shopping can be arranged. HAHAH
    I need to come visit you soon .. let me know what days work …
    my day went great yesterday and today has been perfect .. I ran a *km race today … 58 minutes.. slow I know .. but I did it !!!
    Stupid me grabbed a dounut.. UGH !!!!!
    oh well .
    so far today I have 9 points ….1 off for that baking stuff..
    My weight stays the same .. ugh .. ugh .. ugh … I cannot lose a pound .. so crazy eh .. if I can’t to this 10 lb loss by june 21 .. then I might have to try another plan to lose it …
    anyway .. saturday hugs to you all


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