Green Smoothie Revival: Day One: Get Your Green On!

I admit that my day is off to a spectacular start. The sun has finally broken through after a week of clouds and rain and I dare say, my lovelies, that good things are brewing in the world. It’s probably no coincidence that the sun is shining down on us as we kick off a 3-Day Green Smoothie Revival.

Since I’ve been grooving along as part of the 90-Day Detox and am also enrolled in the 6-Week Detox with Dr. Ritamarie, I will be skipping the fiber on this round of green smoothies and going for a juicier adventure. Those of you who follow the Raw Diva blog know that I’m also trying to get rid of a cyst that developed on the back of my leg and I think this is just the thing to do it!

Today is Day One! The day your commitment feels solid. You’re ready and on track. You can do this good thing and you WANT to do it for yourself. Stay focused and think Green Thoughts and you’ll get through this day victorious.

Remember to eat enough, so you don’t find yourself giving into temptation at the end of the day.

Remember to get to bed at a good time. Fatique is a major reason for late night eating. Don’t get caught in the late night snack trap! If you’re going to do this 3-day adventure with us, give yourself the best chance possible of feeling fantastic. Go for some exercise, too! Break a sweat and release some of those toxins that have been dragging you down!

And hold fast to your commitment to yourself for the next three days NO MATTER what comes up. BEND, but don’t break your desire and need to prioritize your health right now.

Tonight I was invited out for dinner.

I’m sure you can imagine my predicament. Invited out for dinner on the first day of my Green Smoothie/Juice Revival?!!

Guess what I did? C’mon! Guess!!!


angela elliottYup! And I suggested bringing over a whole slew of fresh fruits and vegetables so that we can all make juice together. Now isn’t that a great idea? Last night we had a teleseminar scheduled with Angela Elliott of It was to discuss some of the tips and tricks for raw foodists who are living in cooked food families. There’s a part of me that really dislikes these labels, because it’s really about prioritizing the foods that build and support us rather than the foods that cause us to feel unwell. Not all “raw” food is good for you and not all “cooked” food is “bad”–just wanted to make that clear.

There’s no question that it can be tough when we make an unusually disciplined commitment to health and find ourselves surrounded by other people who do not share or necessarily understand these commitments. I know I’m not the only one guilty of compromising my intentions in the name of social graces. I know I’m not the only one who has failed at achieving my goals for myself because I “gave in” to the environment around me.

But listening to Angela last night I was reminded of the importance of clarity in our decisions. She hasn’t dipped a finger in cooked food since the day she decided to embark on the raw food path. It’s not a burden for her. It’s not a challenge or a complication. It’s a PLEASURE. She LOOOVEs the way she lives and eats and even though she cooks for her family every day, she’s inspired to pursue her goals for health without compromise.

That’s inspirational.

Our social situations cannot be an excuse for us to hold back on prioritizing our health. We get caught in a trap of justifications and excuses about “why it’s so hard” but the bottom line is there needs to be a DECISION to do what you need and want to do for yourself. When you have that, everything else can and will fall in place effortlessly.

DECIDE today that you’re going to get through this day of Green Smoothies.

DECIDE that you want to feel better than you’ve ever felt before and that you DO deserve to feel that way.

DECIDE that you matter and that your needs are worth prioritizing over certain social graces.

There are ways to get around sticky situations, but when you inherently have an apologetic attitude about what you’re doing–if you feel from the start that you’re an inconvenience or a burden, if you’re frustrated about the “toxic choices” of others then you’re busy toxifying yourself with negative emotions rather than embracing the image of where you want to be and moving towards that.

So today is your day! Buck up and smile at the world! Be the bearer of good tidings, bright colors and health!

Get your green on!

Love and hugs,



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    What a great post to start the week Tera!!!!

    I so agree on the clarity of decisions … and attitude…I think that is what I’ve been missing the last several weeks. I’ve still been doing green smoothies daily but also letting in some foods that make me not feel great — so as of TODAY I’m recommitted!!! :-) xoxo


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