Special Guest #11: Roe Gallo: The Age-Defying Diva

If you don’t know Dr. Roe Gallo, you’re in for a treat!

Roe is the author of  Overcoming the Myths of Aging and Perfect Body: Beyond the Illusion. She’s a role model for health and vibrant living, but she also knows her way around a tube of lipstick and high heels! Sensually speaking, Roe’s PhD in Human Sexuality means we’re dealing with a spicy Chica and I just know you’re going to looooove this interview with Roe.

She’s a stellar example of the principles she teaches. At 50 something, she’s there to show the world that wrinkles, cellulite and a saggy butt are NOT inevitable signs of aging!

I invite you to check out her resources and personal story on her website, www.RoeGallo.com, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at some of the questions I’ll be putting to the grill tomorrow afternoon!


She keeps it real, simple and fun, so I hope you’ll join us on Wednesday afternoon when I ask Roe a few questions about:

  • What are the biggest myths of aging and how can we can overcome them?
  • Can you talk to us about the importance of sexuality as part of our overall health formula?
  • Give us a quick summary on how you inspire people to approach a natural diet and lifestyle?
  • Do you ever slip up or stumble? If so, what gets you back on track?
  • One of the subjects you’re passionate about is osteoporosis. Can you give us a bit of a teaser on this subject and some of the most important things you’ve learned recently?
  • And, as usual, an organic, playfully stimulating conversation awaits you when you join us on Wednesday. Sometimes the moment dictates the subject best! Either way, you’re going to LOVE this chance to get up close and personal with Roe!

Hope to speak to you soon!

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Love and hugs,



  1. Vanetta says

    Whoo, Hoo!!! I am 50 and will tell you that I am “young”, at my right weight, vibrant and full of life and energy. My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this summer. Nothing has died, if you understand my meaning. It doesn’t have to! You can’t change the chronological numbers, but I intend to always be young in my thinking and approach to life! I know people in their 30’s who are “old”. A lot of it has to do with attitude. Tera, I know that I know you will NEVER, EVER be old, either!

    I am thankful for people like this lady and RitaMarie who is also 50+ who are full of energy and life. For those who are not, there is HOPE! As long as there is breath in a person,and a desire for change, there is HOPE!

    I am excited! (Can you tell?;) )


  2. Courtney (C.M.P.) says

    Fun! I love Roe. She is such a huge inspiration. I have her book “Perfect Body”–simple but beautiful :) I’d also love to know what she eats more specifically than what she wrote in that book, and more about her beautifying strategies.

    Vanetta–That’s awesome and inspiring! I’m so happy for you. :)

    I’m adding another commitment to my weekly commitment list–go to bed before 11 PM.



  3. says

    I love this! I’m so happy when I see and hear women over 40 talk about their sexuality as a vibrant part of their lives. Women need to encourage each other to be proud of their bodies and themselves (it’s why I love Betty Dodson, too, as outrageous as she can be).

    I’m so excited to hear what she has to say. Thanks for giving us the chance to listen in on your conversation!



  4. Vanetta says

    Courtney- Thank you. I have such desire for women to be all that the Creator created us to be! :)

    Consistent, earlier bedtime is an area I need to improve as well. Thanks for that reminder.


  5. Sharee Goedecke says

    Greetings Ms Tera,

    Hi amazing diva girl! Here you are organizing another teleseminar for us to enjoy and get more healthy.
    I loved the talk with Dr. RitaMarie. It really got me recommited to the
    detox idea and acknowledging the fact that I can’t let little bites,licks & tastes (BLT)of cooked foods to enter my mouth.
    Ready for another round of getting healthier with more green smoothies and
    adding juice feasts too!
    Lots of love and hugs for all you do, my dear


  6. Stacey says

    My teleseminar stockpile groweth ever more bountiful! Thanks Tera for sharing all this great information. I need to catch up!


  7. says

    I’m finally listening to this teleseminar, and I’m just loving it!!! The bit where Roe talks about making a choice is thought provoking. My father-in-law made a choice – way before I met my husband 19yrs ago – that he didn’t want to change what he was eating and drinking (meat & 3 veg, ate the fat off his steak, beer – he’s an alcoholic) and he has gone through quite a lot in hospital. He’s in his mid 70s, yet looks more like 90yo. BUT – he made that choice. When my sister-in-law restricted him and wouldn’t let him have a beer when he went down to the club, he became miserable. Now that hubby takes him to the club a couple of times a week and fil has a beer or two, he’s actually putting on weight again and is looking and feeling better.

    Now I’m not advocating beer as a way of life! lol But this does go to show that our mental attitude about things really does impact our health a lot more than we think.

    Gypsy Queen


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