Special Teleseminar Guest #5: YOU have a date with The Philosopher: Brian Johnson

Oooooooh, I know I’ve been mentioning it several times over the last week, but it’s finally here! I HAVE A DATE WITH BRIAN JOHNSON!

Okay, so what if he’s in Bali and I’m in frosty Montreal. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t play this up as a “date” because it is happening on a Friday night, you know! But the coolest thing about it is that YOU have a date with him, too, Sparkle Puff! Yes YOU have a date with BRIAN JOHNSON!! This call is like the calorie-free, raw, peanut-butter parfait of experiences to top off an already intenselyย  life-changing week.

If you don’t know who he is, (is that possible??) then you can read more about him here. He’s the creator of Philosophers Notes and other brilliant projects you can read about on his site.

I just know this conversation is going to catapult me into some great new space and I am TOTALLY overjoyed and excited about it. You up for a catapult yourself, Sunshine?


We started this “90-Day Don’t Be So Obsessed About What You Eat Detox” for a reason. I will say it right now, that more important than what you eat, how often you poop, or how stylin’ your wardrobe is the ONE THING that will boost your oomph more than any other is living a PASSIONATE, PURPOSEFUL life.

Do you love what you do?

Do you speak your truth and share it with the world?

Do you feel on fire about life and your role in it?

These are the things that make all those cells in your body come ALIVE more than mangos ever will, Darlin’! Purpose. Passion. That’s where the fun is at and you’re going to get a MEGA dose of it when you tune in and listen to it here!

Finally someone’s going to sit down and get the Philosopher’s Notes on the Philosopher himself. Brian is so committed to living passionately and he’s got the Science of Happiness down to a fine artform and now is doing his part ot enrich and inspire the lives of others in a darn clever way, I must admit.

You’ll be able to send in your juicy questions for me to ask Brian. C’mon, don’t be shy! You just send them in, I’m the one who has to ask them. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean, for a guy who’s read as many books as he has (more than I will ever hope to get the chance to read until my muffins are all growed up) I know I have A LOT to learn from this guy!

I want to find out which of the gazillioin books he’s read have inspired him the most?

Here’s a taste of some of the other things I’ll be asking him:

If you could take the wisdom of all you’ve read and give people 5 most important things to do to create a passionate, powerful life, what are they?

What’s a day in his life like? (You do realize, right, that he lives in a tropical palace in Bali right now??!!)

If you were given the chance to put a message on candy bar wrappers that would touch the lives of a billion people, what would you put?

You’ve said you’re getting ready to add 50 more titles… do you ingest that many books yourself?

What did you want to be/do when you were 3 years old?

You know that I’m going to ask about Looooove in his life and what his ideal situation looks like? Any Bali babes listening will want to know for sure! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I want to know if he’s always been THIS on fire, and if not, when did it start?

There are a hundred other things I want to know, like what makes a superhero tick? What’s Brian’s kryptonite? The thing that knocks him out of his game? (Maybe he has none!) I can tell you this much, my lovelies, I couldn’t think of a cooler cat to chat with on a Friday night and I do hope you’ll join us for what promises to be an inspirational call. The kinda call that kicks you in the butt and gets YOU back in YOUR game of being the best you, of playing a bigger game, or being crazy enough to think you can change the world.

Here’s the link! Catch you then, Sunshine!


Crazy love,



  1. says

    This is a date I want to go on! :) I get Philosophers Notes in my inbox every day — I so look forward to those e-mails. And I’m looking forward to this call! Thank you!


  2. says

    I hope I can make it on time! If not, for sure I will listen to the replay during the weekend.

    And please, ask him what does he do when he is feeling bad/sad or when he is not achieving what he has planned.

    Love & Kisses for all the Divas ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. echo says


    The date is on my calendar; I hope to profit from the information live! If events prevent that – then, I will be grateful for the recorded version. May I suggest that you get some ‘me’ time today!


  4. says

    Oh, I am also interested in hearing what Brian is all about … I only learned about him and the Philosopher’s Notes a short time ago (I know it hardly seems possible, but there is a lot of good stuff out there).

    Thank you for bringing us these great teleseminars!


  5. Courtney (C.M.P.) says

    Thanks, Tera, for reminding us that part of detox is living a happy, fulfilling life and how important it is to live out our passions :)


  6. says

    Heading to bed soon but will definitely listen to the replay. I am so excited about hearing what he has to say. Thanks Tera for putting this together for us!


  7. ele says

    So I guess I was the lucky one who was actually meeting Brian Friday night (Bali local time) at his fantastic place overlooking the rice paddies. HE IS VAST!


  8. says

    I am going to listen now! I AM on fire and I think Brian Johnson has some clues as to what I’m supposed to do with all this passion! Thank you so much for doing this!



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