Special Guest Teleseminar #6: Michael Perrine With The Scoop on Poop

For as much attention as we put on the food going into our mouths, it’s a wonder we aren’t discussing A LOT more what’s coming out the other end. And what about the process as it makes its way through the pipes.

We blush in embarrassment, excuse ourselves for “passing gas” or feel apologetic when discussing constipation in public, but the fact is folks, there are some VERY important things to understand about bowel health and it’s time to lose the inhibition and start asking a few questions!!

That’s why we’ve invited Michael Perrine of Gravity East Village in New York City to come and talk with us about a few things. He’s given us an open invitation to ask ANYTHING, ANYTHING we want about bowel health and elimination.

How hard, how soft, how often, how much? What should we do, what should we avoid? What about enemas, colonics? What are the dangers, risks, if any?

There’s sooooo much to understand and so many opportunities for us to learn about what’s going on IN the body, by LOOKING at what is coming out of the body and we’re very excited to have the chance to hook up with Michael as part of our 90-Day Detox. You can access this teleseminar HERE! 

Just to give you a bit more about Michael, he is a detoxification consultant, certified colon hydro therapist and the co-owner of Gravity East Village.

Here’s a bit more about Michael: (I suggest you read this before attending the call, because I’d prefer to spend my time asking him our questions than going over his history or experience on the call!) Read what follows to get a sense of Michael and his story:

By the age of sixteen Michael began to experience a “genetic” anxiety disorder. Subconsciously connecting the absence of symptoms to using alcohol he began to self medicate. Innocent teen experimentation very quickly turned into heavy abuse and rapid physical degeneration. “At a certain point I stopped getting sick from consuming large volumes of alcohol… I just kept going beyond the threshold until I blacked out. There was no longer a signal from my body to stop. I would have a terribly painful awakening with no memory of the night before.” By the age of nineteen, only 3 years later Michael hit bottom and found himself in need of rebuilding his life and his body.

His first teacher and inspiration came in the form of a book. One fateful night looking to pass the time, he picked up the autobiography of Malcolm X. Through the deep teaching of Malcolm’s life experience, Michael was for the first time able to see his own life clearly and found power, inspiration and a sense of spiritual life that he had never before experienced.

Within days Michael stopped drinking alcohol completely and in turn stopped smoking cigarettes and using other drugs. Over the next few months he began to turn his attention toward his physical body and through another life changing book Diet For A New America he adopted a vegan, whole foods diet.


Within months he lost over sixty pounds and began to experience some extremely intense detoxification symptoms as his body cleansed itself of the accumulated poisons of his previous lifestyle. The most amazing and unexpected part of his transformation was the realization that his anxiety disorder had disappeared completely. Battling criticism from his friends and family about “where do you get your protein?” and frequent “illnesses” Michael sought out Dr. Fred Bisci for guidance. Throughout those years Dr. Bisci has acted as both a mentor and friend. Michael now works with Dr. Bisci by offering services that support Dr. Bisci’s program and lifestyle recommendations.

Initially Michael studied food preparation and diet philosophy and for eight years, he worked as a natural foods chef at some of New York City’s premier natural food restaurants.

Working for the last seven years as colon hydro therapist and detox consultant, Michael has performed over 10,000 colonic irrigations and supervised thousands of people through various methods of internal cleansing including fasting, colon cleansing and liver flushing.

Michael is going to talk with us about his approach to cleansing which suggests that through “the consistency of leaving out anything that challenges the body we create an environment that allows the organs to purge toxins from the various tissues with it’s own innate healing wisdom.”

“As the body circulates toxins into the passages of elimination, we then assist the body in removing it as quickly as possible with various cleansing modalities. Remember, many stored toxins are stuck there for a reason. It only makes sense that they need a little help finding the door. In turn the body can “breathe” again and rejuvenate the tissues and restore a balanced and harmonious chemistry.”

Michael agrees with me on the point that there is no blanket method for healing and cleansing. Each individual needs to examine their own experiences and conditions to determine what’s right for them.

Michael says his mission is “to inspire people to connect to nature in a more enthusiastic, respectful and intelligent way as a path to spiritual evolution.” He encourages us to be challenged by our predicament and see it is an opportunity to push the limits of who we are and develop the character of our spirit. Michael says that the way we treat our bodies and what we choose to eat is just one aspect of this, but it says a lot about our intentions in this world.


Here’s the teleseminar link again: —-> CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS TELESEMINAR!


  1. says

    Me too Nicole…odd to be so excited about such things. lol Ready to open up my mind to new possibilities and knowledge.

    Kudos Tera for adding this great topic to the 90 day detox!


  2. Sonia says

    They say we all have a few look-alikes…Tera do you find he looks a lot like François the former chef of “Bio Terre Resto Traiteur” that did a raw food menu on Tuesdays back in 2005-2006?

    It is interesting to read the stories and anecdotes of those that come back from the “gutter” so to speak…

    These light-workers not only succeed in healing themselves they create a healing grid-template for all those in the same situation that will need to access it in the future.

    Ironically, I have also noticed in many cases that most diseases guide people to what their true mission is…NOW IF I COULD ONLY FIGURE OUT WHAT MINE IS!

    Yesterday I saw the movie of Dr. Wayne Dyers entitled “AMBITION TO MEANING” and I highly recommend it to all!!!




  3. Stacey says

    I’ll send in my questions just in case I don’t make the call tonight.

    But I’ll *scat* now, get as much work done as I can, and hopefully catch ya later!


  4. Yvonne says

    Will this be archived somewhere for later? What a very cool opportunity to learn! Thank you so much!!!


    Reply by Tera on March 26th, 2009

    Hi, Yvonne.
    YES! You should just be able to click on the links above and they will take you directly to the recording of the call!

    It was very interesting!!


  5. says

    All I can say about the “Scoop on Poop” teleseminar is: W-O-W ! ! ! !

    If you haven’t listened to this yet, then go there and listen! Thank you so much, Tera, for organising this. I’ve learnt so much, and Michael is so common sense. This is just what I needed to get back on track properly. :-)

    Hugs & blessings,
    Gypsy Queen


  6. Stacey says

    And what impressed me the most was how he prefaced his discussion… all these things we’re trying to do… eat healthy, improve our bodies, etc… they’re important, but they’re second to living a life of love and connection. THAT impressed me.


  7. Vanetta Stephens says

    Hi and Thank you for hosting this call. Very informative and myth-busting! Traveling is one thing that really interferes with proper “processing”, for me. Now, I know that something as simple as using an enema can do the trick! Wow, just that waw worth it for me. But there was so much more I learned in addition. What a great call! He seems so compassionate and genteel. I’m sure that is what makes him so good at what he does.


  8. Karhie says

    I have to still listen to the call. It’s spring break and my house is busy. I will listen first chance I get. I am VERY interested in this subject. Thanks for making this available to us. Kathie



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