(90-Day Detox) Day 31: What if…

What if you just stepped back 3 feet from your life and thought to yourself, “My goodness gracious! It just can’t get better than this!”

And then it got better.

What if juuuuust when you thought you had it all figured out, the game changed, the rules were different and the coach called a “Time Out!”? I reeling and spinning and twirling and having a grand old time right now and it feels as though I have rediscovered LIFE all over again.

I don’t know how to describe the satisfying giggles I feel inside every time I get to the traffic light juuust as it changes to green. It’s as though “Life” had been expecting me to show up just at that moment. Like the red carpet rolled itself out for me.

I needed to find an apartment–a new place to live. I found out just last week. The other day Jimmy and my brother came over for dinner and Jimmy said, “I’m going to find you an apartment.”

The next day he sent me a number of a place to check out.

I called it.

Checked it out.


Poof. Just like that. One number. One phone call. One visit. It’s done.

You know what else? It’s EXACTLY the picture I had in my head of how I wanted it to be. Oh sure, it could be fancier, but I just need something until I settle in and get myself a house with the kids.

I wanted a loft that would have an island where I could do workshops and smoothie parties and host people in my home to teach them about raw food. For a little cozy workshop, this place is PERFECT!

It’s about a 7 minute walk from where the kids go to school. (Right now I have to RUN at top speed with a jogging stroller and sweating like a pig to get them there in under 30 minutes. It takes us an hour to walk one way.)

It’s 1 block away from a HUGE outdoor swimming pool and big public park.

It’s 2 big blocks away from one of the best organic food stores in Montreal.

It’s 2 blocks away from where Mika and Seb play soccer in the summer.

It’s about 8 minutes walk away from their dad.

It’s a 2 minute walk to a metro (subway) station.

And it’s on the main floor so little Sebastian can make as much noise as he wants with his feet aaaaand it’s a loft so he can set up his little hockey net and PLAY HOCKEY in the house!!


I’m going to buy bean bag chairs and keep things simple. I’m going to load it up with plants, paint in soft, warm colors. I’m super, super excited about this little cozy nest for the 3 of us and I can’t wait to get it spiffy and take pictures to share with YOU!!!

Today I don’t have words to describe how big and beautiful life looks through my eyes, but I know that every day it just keeps getting bigger and more beautiful.  When I look on the streets i wonder if I could feel more love than I do for the people who walk there with me. If I did, I’d start hugging strangers spontaneously. That would certainly make things interesting…

There are so many things we value in life; relationships, possessions, good food, sensations of one kind and another. We have values and morals and beliefs about things that we cling to, but there is one thing that has value for me above all other things. It’s the universal solvent. What excites me the most about life and living it, is an ability to communicate effectively with others. Sounds simple, but it’s not. It’s the one thing that drives my insatiable thirst to discover, to learn, to improve myself.



Those two 3-letter words look harmless enough, but if you drop either of them  on the table at a family dinner, you never know what’s going to come out. What does it take, when we all see things so differently… when we all have so many different things that set our buttons off…what does is take to communicate across the barriers of misunderstanding so we can hear each other? so we can understand each other?

It doesn’t matter if you’re Hindu or Buddhist or Christian or Scientologist. As soon as you think YOU are right, and “THEY” are wrong, you’re stuck. You’re stuck in a place of not being able to see past your own nose. This week everything I thought about life and living changed. I thought I knew. I thought I had figured things out. But whooooooa, Nellie, was I ever wrong!!!

This week I found myself all over again and it was delicious. I just had to wipe the slate clean, start fresh and push “reboot”. I wonder what it takes sometims to peel away the layers of what we think and who we think we are to find out who we *really* ARE. Just like the first time you heard about “Raw Food” you probably had a lot of ideas about calcium and protein and things like that–you probably had a lot of ideas about what “good nutrition” looked like. Some of those ideas may have changed now because you have new experience that shows you this.

What you think you already know immediately stops you from learning something new. Whether we’re talking about food, nutrition, life or spirituality, stay open to the possibility that you do NOT have all the answers–stay open to the possibility that things may not be as you perceive them to be, because when you do that you avail yourself to a whole new world of possibility and of things to discover or uncover.

And this isn’t to say you should give up your beliefs, or compromise your values, I’m just saying that don’t hold on too tight to what you think you know, because when you are willing to listen and learn and when you are willing to experience ANYTHING in life, then you take the roof off what you thought was possible and even Life itself tastes better than old fashion cherry pie.

For today, that’s all she wrote, my lovelies.

Now go kiss a loved one.




  1. Courtney (C.M.P.) says


    Congratulations on finding your new apartment! What a dream come true! I’m so happy for you :)

    I just LOVED your post today about magical things happening to you when you’re open to them and how it’s important that we not limit our growth by assuming we are right. It struck a deep cord with me and got me thinking.

    And interestingly, today was just like that for me: a lot of things came together for me relating to my mental consciousness and how I want to live and approach life. Your insights and words were icing on my cake (raw food, of course :)) today! Thanks!


  2. says

    Thanks, my dears. I really appreciate the kind words and feedback. I never know what to think once I push the “Publish” button, so feedback always makes me feel good.

    Thank you and sweet dreams!



  3. says

    Life is gooooooood! Be open and allow, be open and allow and when we are open and allow wonderful things happen as you well know. I am sooooo happy for you and your children…it is very groovy that you love your new abode and that it is so close to some of your favourite places and people…well done you :o)!

    Hugs & Cheers,


  4. Vanetta says

    Yes, congratulations on finding your new apartment AND finding it so quickly.
    It sounds like it is just for you. The locations sound ideal. That is always so cool when things just click into place like that.


  5. Anita Lane says

    Ohhhhh you most lovely red-head! So excited things are coming together so nicely for you. Sometimes life throws us a curveball and when we can rally to hit it back out there, then we make a homerun. Looks as if you are running the bases rather nicely! :) So appreciate the post today, it helped me to put some thoughts and emotions of my own into perspective. And life is utterly fabulous no matter what comes my way. I am a strong, confident woman with faith that will move a mountain! (or two, if need be)

    My warmest of warm fuzzies to you!
    Anita Marie


  6. says

    FELICIDADES!!, congratulations! That new place sounds lovely! I want to see the pictures of your new home. :)

    To be and to think out of the box is always challenging, but after you decide to be open and allow the good things that the universe has for you, everything takes it place. At the beginning of this semester, I told to my students that for my class, the first thing they have to do is to un-learn, because there are many things that changed and we need to have a new approach about the environment and the climate change. We need to make a space for the new knowledge to come. We need to pay attention to all those signals that are telling us something. We need to have a big open eyes so we can see all the beauty that is around us.

    And please Tera, keep pushing the “publish” button, we love to read you and to share with you this journey of life.

    blueberry hugs, kisses, and lots of love,

    Lau-raw 😉


  7. says

    {{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}

    You are positively S-P-A-R-K-L-I-N-G ! ! ! ! How wonderful that you will be moving into such a perfectly situated house, with such easy access to the important things. :-)

    It is wonderful when things fall into place “just so” and we can truly sit back to enjoy the ride. This has happened a few times for us when house hunting, and we are so thankful for each time.

    Hugs & blessings,
    Gypsy Queen


  8. says

    HERE! HERE! (or is it HEAR! HEAR!??) Well, both ways work!

    I love hearing about all the love you exude towards life, and how it all comes rebounding back to you… and to all of us! I feel so good when I read this blog! It’s a big hole in my day if I miss it. Tera, you’re such a great example of how a life loved and fully lived can be such a blessing to the world! Thanks for sharing your love of life – it feels soooo great to hear someone tell their story of good, as opposed to most people’s stories of woe!!

    You are so right about not having all the answers! The longer I live, the more I realize that I don’t KNOW anything, nor do I NEED to know anything, nor is there really anything to know. I like being surprised, and I enjoy life’s little (and big) surprise parties! Sometimes, “I don’t know”, are the most intelligent words one can utter.

    I’m totally amazed that you ever had time to live in your current abode! The new apartment sounds like it’ll make your life a lot easier! Thanks for spreading the *SPARKLE*!

    Lots of Love,


  9. echo says


    I am delighted that you found your new abode, so quickly. Do you have help organized to do the move and when are you actually moving? I’d love to help but don’t think I’ll be back in time. Soft colours and bean chairs sounds relaxing – looking forward to those pictures.


  10. Carole says

    WOW! I am so happy for you, Tera! If anyone is deserving, it is YOU!

    I know we should look for the good in all things. I was a under-the-weather yesterday. I have not been that ill in a long time. The good: I have been wanting to do a fast, so it became a forced-fast. I’m better today, but still weak, and still not hungry. When I do decide to eat, I have a bowl of fruit that was supposed to be breakfast yesterday.

    Because you are such a blessing to others, you are also being on the receiving end now. Blessings to you, the Original SparklePuff!


  11. says

    Congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling, being excited about a new place to live. And walking distance from all that good stuff…that’s the thing I miss most living where I am today. What perfect timing to get you out there all summer!

    My triumph for the day was doing a little surreptitious vegetable gardening behind our fence…heh.


  12. Stacey says

    Congratulations girl! I’m so delighted for the changes that are reshaping your perspective! And may I be honest and say that even though my most human curiosity is nose-ily wondering what it’s all about, I suspect it’s the sort of thing that one has to find his or her own path to. At one time, even a year ago, my brain was locked against the idea of even *considering* a vegetarian lifestyle. Between the raw lifestyle and LOA concepts that have impacted me this year, I don’t know that I could shift myself more anyway… but I guess that’s just limited thinking too!!

    Anyway… change is good! Especially when it’s in the hands of great people like your sparkling self!


  13. says

    Oh I love when coming here just brightens my morning beyond imagination — congrats on the new apartment and so much more Tera!

    I LOVE love love this part: “As soon as you think YOU are right, and “THEY” are wrong, you’re stuck. You’re stuck in a place of not being able to see past your own nose.” Now I just need to work on it some more. :-)

    Continue to sparkle my diva! xoxo


  14. Va says

    Hi all,
    I am not sure if this is a good place to post this, but I had to share this because it just made made me feel so good.

    Last night, I was sitting on the floor, having just finished a pilates workout. My older daughter came in and the first thing she said to me, was “Mom, your skin looks so good; not just your face, but your arms and legs too.” I thought, “Oh, it’s just that I’m sweating”, but I wasn’t anymore.
    She said she had noticed for awhile, but had just not said anything. Well, I have to tell you, for a 50-yr. old woman to hear that; well, it just made my whole day, or should I say, night.

    Just wanted to share because I bet there are people in each of your lives who have and are noticing changes, but just haven’t told you yet. Hang on! They will! It’ll just come flying out of their mouths very soon, I am certain.

    You go, Ladies!!


  15. says

    How wonderful for you are your munchkins! I am continuously amazed at how life unfolds. Moving is an adventure and this one is going to be terrific for all of you!!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!



  16. Kathie Enstad says

    That’s so cool, Vanetta! When I went mostly raw, I got comments like that. This one lady said that I looked 10 years younger. Recently, I was crossing the street and realized that the lady crossing the opposite direction was someone I knew. When I talked to her. She said that didn’t recognize me because I looked so much younger. It is so fun. Today, I am not doing so well. The blog and comments are helping me have a positive frame of mind rather than negative. Thanks everyone. Kathie


  17. Valerie says

    Good for you! You bring a smile to my face every day :) Congrats on your new apartment. I will try to take your words with me and stay open to the possibilities that life presents me. I will also try to stay true to myself and the belief that I am finally finding my way-even in the face of those who still cringe at the sight of green smoothies!


  18. Sonia says


    Teeraw said: “This week I found myself all over again and it was delicious. I just had to wipe the slate clean, start fresh and push “reboot”. I wonder what it takes sometimes to peel away the layers of what we think and who we think we are to find out who we *really* ARE”.

    This is TOTALLY RAWSOME better than a detox share or confession…A TOTAL PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH FOR YOU!!!

    To do a detox or a fast or even to eliminate a nasty chocolate or other eating habit takes some effort and will power…but to REALIZE your own limiting beliefs that create barriers in your life and be able to break free to give birth to who you really are requires a certain level of auto-analysis, discernment and higher consciousness to see outside of your box or tunnel vision…What does it take you wonder ??? Well it takes a situation where one is confronted or challenged by their limiting state of beliefs to truly understand the barriers they create in their life…CONGRATULATIONS you managed to successfully brake your chains of limitation and NOW YOU ARE FREE!!!


    P.S.: I told you that you would find a new flat…now you just have to dec it out to your liking and transform it into your new cozy nest…

    NOW YOU’VE GOT TO CELEBRATE…have yourself some persimmons pie, raspberry


  19. Sonia says

    WOOPS, I got cut off my sentence…so that was “have yourself some persimmons pie, raspberry tarts or truffles and some green juice of your liking…




  20. says

    I am so excited for you, Tera! I LOVE the sound of your gorgeous new home, your “outer you”. I can see the Law of Attraction working in all sorts of miraculous ways here, including drawing in beautiful blog comments from amazing people.

    Sending you lots of love and happiness!




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