Another Glowing Green Smoothie Testimonial

I looooove getting letters of victory from readers and program participants and while we try and put them on the blog and websites and sprinkle them wherever we can, it’s nice to read a new one once in a while. I thought I’d share this from Debbie Gates. Enjoy! -GSQ

Dear Divas,

I love your website! You guys are so inspirational! I loved the encouraging emails I got during my 3-day Green Smoothie challenge. I loved all of the links that I could click on and find lots and lots of good information. I would click on one story and then another, another, another and then another. I would read until I got so tired that I couldn’t read anymore.

I started my journey with natural unprocessed foods just 45 short days ago. I stopped eating all processed, frozen, microwavable, and boxed food that I had in my house. I ate unrefined natural foods like fruits and veggies, although a lot of my meals were still cooked.

About two weeks into my new eating program, I felt like I wasn’t losing enough weight. I had lost a few pounds, but I felt like I was stagnant. So I decided to up the anti and start eating raw. I had started reading a book a few years back by Carol Alt. I was really fascinated by the stories of how raw foods had changed peoples lives. I didn’t get a chance to finish the book, but their stories stuck with me. So I went out and bought the book a few weeks ago. I think I read it back to back within a few short days. I was hooked! I decided to start eating mostly fruits, veggies, salads, nuts, seeds and eggs. I still would eat some cooked foods, mostly vegetables.

Then I decided that I had to have a heavy duty blender. My little Walmart blender just wasn’t cutting it. I just knew that if I could make easy fast and raw recipes at home, that I would be eating so much better. Even though the blender was expensive for me and I bought it at a time when money is very tight, I just knew that I had to have it to keep me eating healthy! I mean you can make soup, ice cream, peanut butter, mayonaise, salad dressing and so much more, all with one blender. And you can make it all raw!

I’m so glad I got the blender because I found your website and the 3-day Green Smoothie challenge. I have to admit I couldn’t wait until the challenge started so I started making green smoothies several days before. So I’ve been eating (or should I say drinking) them for about a week now. I can’t begin to tell you how good I feel. They give me so much energy! And to top it off, I’m absolutely shocked that my 17 year old daughter and husband are drinking them too. Most of the recipes make enough for 2-3 people, so I always share them. They both love them now. At first, the green color turned them off a little, but my husband discovered that using a straw helped. He really likes them now though. And my 17 year old is making them by herself, even when I’m not here! I can’t believe it. I could barely get her to eat any fruits or vegetables except for french fries or mashed potatoes for 17 years! Hooray! We’re all going to be healthier.

I’ve also lost weight, my skin looks clearer, I can concentrate better, I have more energy and I’m noticing that my yeast infections have gone away. I’m around menopause age and I’ve been plagued with a lot of yeast infections lately. I haven’t noticed any in the last few weeks.

I’m only eating about 50% raw, some days more like 75%, but I still need the comfort of cooked foods once in awhile. I’m still learning and discovering new things, but I will always eat green smoothies and pure unprocessed foods. I can see and feel the difference they have made in my life.

I will continue to enjoy your website...keep bringing us great tips, recipes and stories…I look forward to them!

Summer from Sandy Eggo!
Laugh often,
Dream Big,
Reach for the stars!

You can read more on Debbie’s blog here:


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