The Latest Health In High Heels is READY! (And other exciting updates!)

And hats off to Shayla The Great who put it all together for us this week! I loooove you Shayla! Check it out! Some of your best blog highlights and juicy news about Dr. T’s upcoming tour along the West Coast.

You can also find out how to order our SUPER DIVALICIOUS HOODIES!! Hmmm…

Finally, a team shirt! You can read the latest issue of Health In High Heels HERE!

I am bubbling with joy inside about a little somethin we have beein working on in the background. As I am writing this, we have a group of gorgeous divas reviewing our new… (HOLD YOUR HOSES, LADIES!)


I’m serious! Our own theme song! Can you believe it??!! I’m too excited about this. It’s really going to make you smile as soon as you hear it.  I can hardly wait until we get to show it off and I’ve been pressuring our musical team like mad to get something ready to show you. (Patience has never been my strong point. You may have noticed.) I just keep listening to it again and again and laughing like crazy! It’s GREAT! I know you’re going to love it!

In other news, I’ve been slaving myself to the 90 day Detox announcement and holy moley smackaroney it’s the coolest program we’ve ever done. While this blog lets me be my sparkly self, I have to be honest and let you know that the caliber of the program we are about to deliver is impressing even me. 😉 I would totally sign up for this program if I hadn’t thought of it myself! I just keep wondering if we’ll ever get to capture all the incredible information that Dr. T has to offer and every time I think we might, I get a resounding NO WAY!! He’s just a fountain of incredible information about health and wellness and I know you’re going to be impressed with what this program is offering. (And I’m going to be impressed with the fact that I finally launched it when it comes off the press!) :-)

Ooooh, speaking of presses… the last time Dr. T was here, we hooked up with the great Josée Quenneville of Supreme Master TV and she recorded a mega episode of Dr. T in action! The camera crew was here until 2:00 am! (They were, by the way, some of the most AMAZING people I have ever met. They were SOoooo… I dunno… supremely mastered!??!) There was just that special “something” about them. Beautiful, beautiful people! Weeeell, we just found out that the show is going to air NEXT WEEK on January 20th! In North America, there are 2 ways to view the program:

1. via free to air satellite on Galaxy 19 at 97 degrees West
2. via live webstreaming online at

We have even more good news, you know! The gorgeous Angela Elliott will be releasing some fantastic new ebooks next week! The Simple Gourmet and another winning book all about juices and cocktails. YUM!

Our brother site,, will be releasing their FIRST EVER Recipe book! This is sooooo exciting, because it’s loaded with all the very best recipes from the Ecopolitan’s Restaurant. I mean, most restaurants would never give these recipes away! But this book is loaded with AMAZING, knock-out ecological raw food gourmet recipes.

You know what else is happening?! On February 21st, we’re hosting our first ever Raw Diva PAJAMA PARTY!! We’re renting a bed and breakfast all to ourselves and we’re going to spend the weekend making great food, watching sappy movies and enjoying each others’ company! Women of all ages, sizes, shapes and colors are coming and it’s going to be a BLAST! We promise to take lots of pictures!!

Dr. T is coming back to Montreal for Valentine’s Day (*blush*) and will be with us to give more lectures in the Montreal area after coming home from his West Coast Tour! There’s so much going on, Sunshine, I can hardly keep track of it myself.

We’re growing by leaps and bounds and it’s all because of YOU! So, thanks, Sugarplum. I sure appreciate you being here. Okay, back to the detox drawing board. Soon, Chica! Very soon the 90 Day Detox will be ready!!


More excitement to come…



  1. says

    Have you caught your breath yet Diva Tera!lol Whoooo what a busy lady you are and all for the health of it and for all of us…how lucky are we. I have to tell you girlfriend, that I can hardleeeeeeee wait for Dr. T.’s detox…90 days worth, wowee!
    The t-shirts & hoodies are sexy…love ’em.
    Hope to see Dr. T. in Seattle what an opportunity for west coasters…yeah for us! RU coming too?
    Keep it up girl and send some of that energy this way :-)!

    Much Love & Light,


  2. says

    I was supposed to go to LA and San Diego, but canceled to stay home and catch up with some work instead. His assitant will be going with him instead. Buuuut, I’m booked for an exciting trip to Sarasota and Sturgeon Bay (of all places!!) and hold on to your hoses… because the 90 Day Detox is just minutes away!!!!



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