Green Smoothie Liver Tonic (Dandelion, Beets (root and leaves), Lemon, Apple and Ginger)

dandelion greensCome this time of year, I feel my body say, it’s time to cleanse so I can feel rejuvenated. This is a very powerful blend so start out using a small amount of beets. They are great and make one of the best tonics for the liver. The liver is the largest gland in the human body and is responsible for producing bile, metabolizing, and performing several other functions that keep us in good health. A healthy liver benefits all parts of the body. Without a properly functioning liver, the body can’t function at peak capacity.


Beets are a two-in-one vegetable as you can enjoy both their roots and leaves. Studies show that beets protect liver cells from harmful chemicals with the beets and beet greenscompounds betacyanin, a red pigment found in red beets and betaxanthin, a yellow pigment found in yellow beets. Both of these pigments can provide powerful antioxidant protection. Beets are rich in folate, a water soluble B vitamin important for a healthy heart and essential for normal tissue growth. The red pigment in beets raises antioxidant enzyme levels in the liver and may promote detoxification in the intestines, blood and liver.

Beet greens are delicious and are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as beta-carotene and lutein. They have almost twice the potassium of the beet root and contain high levels of folic acid, which can help ward off certain birth defects and lung cancer.


Dandelion has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a powerful liver tonic. Dandelion is said to enhance the flow of bile in your body, improving the function of your liver, and remedy liver conditions such as hepatitis, gallstones, and jaundice. A daily cup of dandelion tea is recommended for anyone who feels run-down, sluggish, and over-stressed. Dandelion greens are also an incredibly healthy food — chock full of vitamin C, higher in beta-carotene than carrots and richer in iron and calcium content than spinach.

green smoothie beetsLive Tonic Green Smoothie Recipe

  • ½ small beet (juiced)
    *you can blend the beet in your blender, if your blender has a powerful motor
  • 3 to 4 beet green leaves
  • 3 to 4 dandelion leaves
  • ¼ to ½ lemon
  • 2 apples
  • 1 inch fresh ginger
  • 1 cup water

Blend and enjoy!


  1. DDD says

    Hi, Dandelion is a savior!!!!

    We found out by accident that Dandelion is a great liver tonic.

    The local council decided to add Fluoride tot he water supply, my wife became very ill and her skin from the waist up became very red and peeled off every day. Drs and alternative medicine did nothing to improve her situation.

    By chance we had been presented from the local yoga teacher the idea of green smoothies, we felt desperate so tried it. We attended the local organic markets where we bought every green leafy item available. Kale, bokchoi, red chicory (dandelion)… In 3 days the skin condition abated and then we wondered what was the key.

    We removed 1 by 1 each of the leafy greens from the morning green smoothie and also researched the ingredients. Eventually we settled on the answer being Dandelion leaves.

    We stopped buying them from the organic markets and grew them in our garden and to this day, several years later, she has not had a relapse of the skin condition. Dandelion is considered a weed where we live.


  2. Veronica says

    That does sound very refreshing! I enjoy beetroot juice (leaves & roots) with carrot, ginger, green apple and celery; so this would be a great one for me to try.


  3. says

    I love beetroot in all its forms. One of our best health habits is the glass of freshly extracted carrot, apple and beetroot juice we have every evening before dinner.


  4. Tracy says

    Hanlie that sounds like such a rejuvenating drink before dinner. It’s so great to hear so many people coming up with healthy tonics.



  5. Kevin says

    I use one whole beet and the greens, seven carrots, dandelion greens and a big hunk of ginger. The juice is delicious and give me an energy boost as well. My liver likes it too I am sure.


  6. tracy says

    Great question! It is always a great idea to change up your greens even if you still wanted to keep the other ingredients. Once you start adding more varities of greens to your diet, your liver will thank you because all greens are detoxifiers. The chlorophyll in the greens helps to purify the liver.


  7. Whitney Howell says

    I actually have a question. I am a raw foodist and guess I need to up my green intake because I have developed several warts in the last year and half on my hand. Is their a specific green that should naturally raise my immunity and heal my warts? Thanks Whitney….


  8. says

    I am so excited to find your blog! I have been doing green smoothies for the past several months on my blog and have a bunch of new green smoothie lovers! I call them green monsters, lol. Thanks for the awesome site!!! Will be linking back!


  9. Rebecca Lin says

    I tried dandelion in my recipe last week but found that I couldn’t bear its bitter taste.. I’m wondering if there any way can lessen its bitter taste?
    Thank you!!!


  10. phil says

    For the bitterness in dandelion, I add About a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and a Banana it tastse a little like Lemonade then.


  11. maria says

    The recipe sounds really good, can’t wait until I try it.
    Is it a good idea to take the juice 2 hours after taking medication such as Baraclude


  12. says

    Aunt Minis Honey Lemonade Recipe: 1/2 gallon warm water, 1/2 cup honey, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice. Just mix it all with your hands (their warmth will disolve the honey and sugar) and pour mixture into a gallon container filled 3/4 with ice. You can even add a sprig of lavander or a slice of fresh ginger for a little extra flare.


  13. Doug says

    Do you need to peel the beets before putting into the vitamix?


    Reply by stacey on December 13th, 2010

    Peeling is one of those things that’s up to the individual. If you have a high powered blender, it’ll do a great job of pulverizing peel. I’m not picky, so I’d throw ’em in, peels and all! xoxo Stacey


  14. says

    This yummy blood red smoothie inspired a blog post!



    Reply by stacey on January 12th, 2011

    Niiiiiice job!! :) And while you *can* use agave to sweeten your smoothies, if you want to keep things a little more natural, try switching to dates (they blend easier if you soak them for an hour or two first, and don’t forget to remove the pits). If there’s no dried fruit available, the next best choice after that is usually honey… xoxo


  15. says

    Tracy–I would love to use this recipe in my spring newsletter if you wouldn’t mind. I would give you credit, of course, and a link to this blog. Please let me know! Thanks.

    Debbie Peterson MA, CHC
    Integrative Health and Nutrition


  16. says

    Hi! Thank u for a very fresh idea. I am wondering why i have never though of this as well. I will definately try to use your blog for getting some more fresh info!

    Willy Smith


  17. Tami says

    I read recently that younger dandelion greens (before the yellow flowers come out) are not as bitter. Otherwise, I use them in savory recipes that have enough other flavors to blend it with that the bitter is OK with it. If you want to do dandelion in a sweet smoothie it does sometimes take quite a bit of sweet to cover the bitter. You can also try simply using less of the bitter greens and mix more mild greens in the recipe such as spinach or a romaine lettuc.



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