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  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Blendtec Blender


    I make absolutely NO secret about my loyalties to Blendtec and I’ll tell you why. But FIRST, a sad story.

    After whipping up a batch of ground flax seeds for our eco-chips the other day, I went to turn on “Buddy” the Blendtec Blender and…


    No heart beat.

    No gentle hum.

    No twinkling blue light telling me he was okay.

    Dead. My favorite kitchen appliance and the only one I actually use had gone to the “other side”.

    Immediately I emailed Jeff Robe, the marketing director at Blendtec headquarters and I expressed my grief over the trauma and my concern. How could this happen? And ALAS! What is a Raw Diva to do without her Blendtec?

    Well, Jeff isn’t the Director of Marketing for nothin’, I tell you. Here’s what zipped to my inbox faster than you can spell “V-i-t-a-m….”

    Could you please contact Tera to issue an ARS label so she can return
    her blender then have repairs take a look at it and let me know what
    caused the problem? Please send her a replacement unit so she isn’t
    without a blender.

    Was that a black Total Blender? Please let Cathy know which color it
    needs to be and give her your contact information.

    Sorry about the problem Tera. Stuff happens, what can I say. :-/ We’ll
    definitely get you fixed up, as we do with all our customers.
    Let me know if you need anything else. I wish you and yours a very Merry
    Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!

    Jeff Robe
    Director of Marketing

    Aside from the fact that:

    1. I’m quite sure that’s the most effective customer service experience I’ve ever had, there are a lot of other reasons that I am undeniably, unquestionably, ever-faithfully a BLENDTEC GAL!!medium_tb-611-01_1

    Here are 9 More Reasons Why I Love Blendtec!

    2. It’s MUCH easier to clean

    3. It’s MUCH easier to scoop stuff out.

    4. It turns my sesame seeds into tahini in the blink of an eye! Other blenders just made sesame lump.

    5. It makes the SMOOOOTHEST raw hummous you have EVER tasted. I pummeled my sprouted chickpeas into another blender and got chunk-o-licious plop compared to the super-whipped creamy hummous in my Blendtec!!

    6. It is MUCH more aesthetically pleasing. (Aesthetics count!)

    7. It fits under your counter tops! The other doesn’t because it has a weird, lumpy bulge on the top.

    8. The marketing directors have STYLE! Pizzaz! And they make good videos.

    9. They totally supported our Green Smoothie Day event and said that we could happily tell people who could not afford blenders to something from their local hardware store or a garage sale. I like that!

    10. It’s a stronger, better blender. Period.

    If you haven’t seen the video of Sebastian, yet, it’s worth watching. The kid’s a blendtec baby, too. Soon we’ll have Mika’s Green Smoothie video coming out! I didn’t mean to indoctrinate them, but our house is brand loyal where it counts. So, if you’re new around here and wondering which of the mega-blenders to get… now you know my story on the subject!

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    77 Responses to “10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Blendtec Blender”

    1. By Tami on Dec 16, 2008

      Tera — thanks so much for posting this about blenders, and Blendtec in particular. A lot of people have been asking me about blenders lately, and I tell them that I love my blender, but since I had limited blender experience previously, and certainly can’t compare it with any other high-end blender I sometimes wonder if they belive me. :-)

      One feature that I love — but not when it happens — is that the Blendtec will simply shut down when it overheats. Unfortunately it generally blows a fuse in my kitchen when it does that, but it is better for being without a good blender — even for just a few days — simply because I pushed it past the limits. And now that I’m learning to not be quite so ambitous (like filling it FULL of chunky veggies or nuts all at once!) it doesn’t happen nearly as often. 😉

      And for the kids — the automatic buttons and that cycle counter are very attractive. I just went over the 1000 mark last night!!!! :-)

      I’m even taking my Blendtec with me to Texas (driving from WI) – yes, “have blender, will travel” :-)


    2. By CatFood on Jan 19, 2009

      I think I need to have my own raw food blog because when I called Blendtec they could not have possibly cared less that my blender was less than three months old and dead. After MANY phone calls and emails, I was allowed to send it back AT MY OWN EXPENSE and they fixed it… but I was without it for 8 weeks. I love my blender too but not Blendtec. Of course, I’ve heard similar stories about the competition, so go figure.


    3. By Mel on Feb 1, 2009

      I too like the blendtec although I don’t have one. I watched and sampled the blendtec demos at the fair and Costco many times. I also did the same with Vitamix. One day on craigslist I found a Vitamix 5000 for $175, so I bought it, (stupid. Don’t do this because then you have no warranty). Turns out it didn’t work because of a crack in the container. The Vitamix rep at the fair gave me their demo, new blade, recipe book and lots of other stuff. I’m very greatful and I love my Vitamix but, I still want a Blendtec. At the fair last year my 2 friends bought a Vitamix (Blendtec wasn’t there last year). Yesterday one of these ladies and I were talking on the phone and she put her tapper in to loosen her smoothie. She forgot to put it in the tapper hole and took the entire top off. Needless to say, she still SLOWLY drank her smoothie but kept spitting out plastic from her tapper! The Blendtec doesn’t need a tapper, and as stated before, it just shuts off if it gets jammed. My daughter got a Blendtec last year and loves, loves, loves it! 3 of her 5 children (ages 7,9 & 12)can take turns making their smoothie treats. It’s safer than my blender. So, it may be another 10-15 years, but I will get a Blendtec!!!


    4. By Jennifer on Feb 17, 2009

      Okay, this is awesome confirmation that a BlendTec is the way to go. I’ve been pining over the Vitamix for years… but the vocal minority of folks who have a Blendtec are so passionate about them and so articulate about why they are better. I’m convinced that the BlendTec is right for our family. Can’t wait! We’ll be able to afford one within the next month or so and I can’t wait. Thanks for this post…


    5. By jannesen on Feb 20, 2009

      I have two – not one but TWO Vitamix 4000 commercial – the old shiny beautiful ones … Two because we have been on smoothies since 1995, it is an addiction, and the stress of what would happen if one blender broke down, just makes my adrenalin go wild.
      I have used the newest Vitamix at the Living Food Institute … The machine is ugly and bulky and I do not like the new canister … the top is hard to place and awkward to get off.
      I am now the proud owner of a Blendtec, thanks to Tera recommendations. It is stylish and very powerfull … easy to use … makes smooth hummus and nut butter in a minute.
      The older version HP3A has excatly the same motor as the Toal Blender.
      The HP3A has 4 be programmable buttons for you favorite settings … you can find coupons on the net that gives $ 80 off … I went ahead and got the Total Blender … I realize I would have been well of with the HP3A , BECAUSE i DO NOT NEED ALL THE PROGRAMS THE tOALbLENDER HAS


    6. By Deborah Tracy on Mar 9, 2009

      Hi Tera,

      Have to add my 2 cents here. If blendtech is the same as Ktech, then I have one. I used mine for the four years I operated my own organic sprout garden, market & eatery in Florida. The Ktech basket kept getting stuck, the blades would not move, and I was constantly replacing the basket, at about $75 each. (I would order 2 or 3 at a time!) I still have this blender in a box in storage. What sits on my counter in my kitchen today is a Vitamix from probably the original Commercial Vita-Mixer days. It has the stainless steel basket. I picked it up at a yard sale, (spending less than $20 for it) I ordered new blades and gaskets for the clic on top, and it’s blending like there is no tomorrow. The stainless basket is so much better than the plastic with all the grooves, etc.
      I kept my ktec because I really did enjoy using it. I am hoping that someday, they will have eliminated the basket blades getting frozen, so, I can use it again.
      Yes, I like them both.

      oh, and thanks for following me on twitter.



    7. By Agnei on Mar 28, 2009

      Hello, I’m a totally newbe here. But I’m going really crazy of what you’ra all writing here!:) You’re GREAT!
      My little question is: if I have a blender like tjis Blendtec, do I still need a food processor? I think that many of you use both of these. What do you need a food processor for if you have a blendtec????


      Reply by Cheryl on September 30th, 2011

      I have both, and use my food processor for slicing, grating and overall mixing where I don’t want everything finely ground up. In my kitchen there is a need for both, and the food processor is not as spendy anyway.


    8. By Veronica Barrett on Apr 6, 2009

      I really like this! Thumbs up, Tera, for a good reporting job. :-)
      Gypsy Queen


    9. By Jennifer Scharf on Apr 10, 2009

      Got em’ both and love em’ both! My only issue with the Blendtec has been needing to replace the jar after 1 year due to a faulty bearing. It was under warranty and Triangle Healing on Vancouver Island did a smashing job of getting me a new one. My partner and I both agree that the Blendtec makes the smoothest smoothies. For chunky blending I love the Vitamix and its wonderful tamper.


    10. By Michael on Jul 10, 2009

      Oh yes! I switched up to a Blendtec several months ago after years of the big stainless steel Vitamix (which is great, don’t get me wrong!). Blendtec is much better, in my opinion. We use it 2-4 times per day every day. No problem! Blends ANYTHING better than Vitamix in my opinion. Leaves the greenest hard stems or hard vegetables totally blended smooth. Yum!


    11. By Diana Marchand on Nov 26, 2009

      I have a Blentec and do love it!
      But….. I tried to make nut butter last night and it didn’t work at all. It pushed the ingredients to the sides every time almost right away. I did just what the guy did on the blentec video on the web site but it didn’t work at all! I have also tried the ice cream which didn’t really work.
      What am I doing wrong??!! I only do raw food so it was soaked cashews and almonds mixed.
      Would really appreciate some help because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NUT BUTTERS and was soooooo very frustrated last night when I couldn’t make them. :-(


      Reply by Jessie on August 19th, 2011

      Diana, I had the same problem and I finally found the solution. The DVD demo was made using peanuts, which likely were not soaked. Peanuts have a high oil content, so they slide around easier. If you are making nut butter after soaking nuts such as almonds, the water moisture will cause the pulverized nuts to cake up and they will not churn into a nice butter. After you soak the nuts, dehydrate them overnight. Once they are crisp, follow the directions in the manual and they will churn into a luscious butter that parallels the texture of canned butters from the store. It WILL give you warm,smooth oozy butter. The only problem I have now is setting the spoon down. I spent hours in the kitchen toying with oil quantities, blending cycles, and multiple trial batches stretched over a few months before I finally succeeded. Hope this helps someone out there.


      Reply by Tatyana on October 24th, 2011

      I’m new to this healthy way of eating. Could you please tell me why you would soak nuts then dehydrate them? Does it help lower the fat content? This seems it would be counterproductive to me.


      Reply by Jessie on October 25th, 2011

      Soaking has nothing to do with an intent to alter fat content. Here is a link you can read since I don’t have time to write at length about it today: http://www.raw-food-living.com/soaking-nuts.html Soaking grains is very beneficial as well since at least some grains can actually absorb more nutrients out of your digestive system than what they deliver to you if you do not soak them. Wheat in particular should be soaked, especially if you are utilizing whole grain wheat, to help make the proteins more digestible to human beings (not having multiple stomachs is so inconvenient). I usually do not make almond butter often, but when I know my baby’s digestive tract is still immature (under age 2) I go the extra mile for her to insure better absorption of nutrients.

    12. By El on Feb 28, 2010

      Reading these reports about Blendtec I’m wondering about exactly HOW smoothly they grind the hard green vegie stems….ie I have a Breville (Optiva) and it’s a good strong machine, but I get a layer of finely ground up fibre floating atop the liquid. Does the blendtec imporve on that? ie does it incorporate the fibre into the drink rather than it floating around seperate from the liquid? I know this is getting into the nitty gritty but I’d need a good reason to change my blender!


      Reply by Tera on February 28th, 2010

      Hi, Ei. It totally blends the fiber!!


    13. By Phil on Mar 8, 2010


      I went to Costco on Saturday to buy a Vitamix blender, which I had seen demo’ed there a couple weeks earlier and after some research was ready to buy. Surprise! A Blendtec demo was happening in the exact spot that the Vitamix stand had been, and they were not selling Vitamix, so I watched the demo. Seemed like it did the same stuff Vitamix does and was $5 cheaper ($384). I brought it home and made a few different smoothies to freeze. Then I made hummous. After about 3 minutes of trying to make hummous (using all very soft ingredients: cooked garbanzos, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and tahini), it started smoking and then just stopped. I returned it the next day for a refund, then went home and did more research, most of which said the Blendtec compares well to the Vitamix 5200 *if* you get the Blendtec with the 4″ blade (mine had a 3″). So now I am shopping for one with a 4″ blade which supposedly works 10 times better and hopefully will not die within 1 hour of using it.


      Reply by Tera on March 8th, 2010

      HI, Phil.

      I have a 3″ blade and it ROCKS. Never had any problem and I pulverize the schnootz out of everything I can get my hands on. Vitamix can’t do nearly what the blendtec can do for icecream, whole juices, et.c I’ve SO got to do more videos! Good luck, Phil! Keep me posted. Sounds like your might have had a problem, but really I have NO complaints about the 3″ blade.


      Reply by Jessie on August 19th, 2011

      Last Christmas Santa gave me a Blendtec with two carafes, the standard 3 inch blade, and the 4 inch “Wildside”. I love them both!!! The size of the carafe should not impact the blending power (they share the same motor). The only differences between the two carafes is that the 4″ allows food to cycle down to the blades easier and holds bigger batches. I have made soups, nut butters, tons of smoothies and juices, ice cream, baby foods, etc. I think my Blendtec has more miles on it than my car. I have used a Vitamix before and it was ok, but it is difficult to clean (which counts for a lot if you use it every day and every way). The buttons on the Blendtec are flush with the surface and easy to wipe clean too. After reading the manual and listening to the changes in blending speed during the automatic cycles, I have to say there really is an art to blending. The blending speed charts in the manual were wonderful visual explanations of the various speeds the motor goes through during each automatic setting to give you the desired product. My Blendtec is a sturdy work horse, but it is also a sophisticated toy. Thanks Santa! XOXO


    14. By tony on Mar 14, 2010

      Darn, just when I was convinced I was going to spend the money on a Vitamix, I had to stumble onto this site. Of course there are other sites that state all the advantages of Vitamix and why they like it better then Blendtec-but heck, I’m sure they’re both great…I just don’t want to be disappointed no matter which way I go. UGHHHHHHHHHH LOL :)

      Wishing everyone well :)


    15. By mppaul2 on Mar 19, 2010

      Love the Blendtec! Just got mine today from Costco and what a difference from the Cusinart smoothie :-)


    16. By Apryll on Mar 24, 2010

      well i just purchase a blendtec two days ago. I love it much better than my $50 blender. I see this as a good way to get my health in check. Vitamix didn’t seem like a good blender for me. If I have to work at mixing my own veggies/fruits I might as well get a mixer. Blendtec has made me brocolli and cheese soup, orange sherbert, a bunch of smoothies. Now I can see what the rave was about.


    17. By Chuck on Apr 6, 2010

      123vita has videos of the Blendtec and Vitamix blenders as well as the other major players blenders. Having experienced touch pad failure with other devices, I prefer switches. I purchased a commercial grade, Waring MX1000XT (3.5HP) for $310 from a different site and received it in 7 business days direct from Waring/Conair. If I had the funds my first choice was the Vitamix Vitaprep 1005/3HP but I still got a blender similar in HP for a lot less. And the Waring blenders are compatible with the Vitamix blade/container system. My third choice would have been the Omni V.


    18. By Brooke on Apr 8, 2010

      Hi! I finally blew out my old “regular” blender on all my green smoothies, so I need to invest in a more worthy one :) So I’m in the shopping/deciding phase. Of course it sounds like most of you think the Blendtec is the way to go, BUT my question is about the warranty. VitaMix has a 7 year warranty for the whole unit, whereas Blendtec has only one year for the container and 3 yr for the base. If Blendtec really stood behind their product, why wouldn’t they offer a competitive warranty? Thanks for advice!
      Green love, Brooke


      Reply by Alex on May 30th, 2011

      Blendtec now has 7 year warranty on everything (jug and blender).


      Reply by Danielle on May 30th, 2011

      Thanks for sharing Alex. Do you have one in your kitchen?
      Check out the Blendtec website here for the most current details.
      Danielle Greason,
      The Raw Divas


    19. By Carolyn on May 8, 2010

      I just bought a Blendtec today at costco and it did have a 7 year warranty on the base but you have to send in a the card costco gives you to get the additional 4 years added to the regular 3 to total 7. I think that vitamix used to be the same way with regard to costco. I am very impressed with it and I guess I will stay. It seems very smart in ergonomic design and the utility of the lid and removable and so easily replaceable center is unexpectedly incredible and easy! We made tortilla soup and it was absolutely wonderful and unbelievably easy! My husband couldn’t get over it. I told him while eating this awesome concoction that ease of preparation was only half the story. My daugthter couldn’t wait to go in and clean up “play”. So, we will see how it goes. Maybe before too long blendtec will follow soon with a seven year warranty on the jar as well. It is BPA free. I don’t know if it was before or not. I am so glad it was there for me for mother’s day when my family was ready.


    20. By Gaura on Jun 20, 2010

      Hi Tera, and anyone who reads this,

      I bought a Vitmaix 3600 Plus a few years back second hand. It has served me well but a couple of weeks ago the gear under the bottom of the stainless steel basket broke off. I called the company in Windsor , Ontario, and the little part including shipping is about $ 130 !?!?! I thought I might be able to find an entire used VItamix for that price !

      I’m not earning right now, and I don’t have the bigger bucks for what sounds like a superior blender, the Blendtec, but Id like to be able to afford to buy one , one day. In the meantime, does anyone know where I can get scavenged used parts for my old Vitamix 3600 Plus. Id hate to throw the whole machine away for one little part !!!

      Thanks very much for your consideration, and by the way, I’ve been a more than healthy vegetarian for 36 of my 55 yrs !


    21. By helene on Jul 12, 2010

      I’m looking into those blendtec total blenders now. There is this package offer with one regular jar and one wildside jar, is that a good idea? What can the smaller jar do that the large cannot? Or is it maybe just good to have two jars, but then again even better to have two wildsides then?
      appreciate feedback 😉


      Reply by Susan on February 19th, 2011

      The second jar isn’t that much smaller…I am not sure why you need both.


    22. By Tera on Jul 12, 2010


      If you have a family, I’d definitely go with the larger one!
      But get both if you can afford it. I have two containers for my Blendtec and I love the convenience of being able to prepare different things. A juice for me, a smoothie for the kids, for example.



    23. By john quigley on Jul 12, 2010

      I had trouble making humus and I followed the directions to the T…


    24. By helene on Jul 16, 2010

      Thanks Tera! One small and one big might be good then. Not so much price diff here actuallyt, in Europe.
      But now another question, I have asked on blendtec.com but they do not reply back… yes they did reply back that they got my question, but then no real reply.. hmmm
      anyway, which is the newest blendtec, the one with four buttons on the left side named 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 or the one with the programmes buttons instead, named after the types of beverage: like icecream, icecrush, soups, smoothie etc?
      The one sold w/ an european plug are the ones with the 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 buttons, and I dont know if I want that, the other buttons/programmes seem much easier…


      Reply by Tera on August 3rd, 2010

      hi, hon. I’m SO sorry that it took so long for me to find this and respond.

      I have the one with the words on it, and used to have one with the numbers on it, so I suspect the words are a newer edition.
      HOWEVER, I NEVER EVER EVER EVER use the buttons with words. I think it’s a novel idea, but the ONLY buttons I ever use are the up and down buttons for increasing or decreasing speed. The program thing I never really enjoyed much.

      I understand it may be a bit late now for answering this, :-( but better late than never, I suppose. ? HUGS!! and thanks so much for being here.


    25. By helene on Jul 18, 2010

      could someone please chime in about the buttons, please? :-)
      I’d love some advice


    26. By Flo in Texas on Nov 1, 2010

      I am in the market for a VitaMix or BlendTec. Many years ago, I had a VitaMix and it was hard to clean for one thing. I am leaning towards BlendTec and on one site where they sold VitaMix as well as other stuff, they had a comparison between them and of course much good was said about BlendTec. But I have seen demos and the only thing they said I could not know is – that it will not blend small amounts of things, because the blade being so high that it does not hit them.
      I will be only fixing for myself, which means small amounts. Anyone can answer that one??? Thanks for your time.


    27. By Gary on Feb 9, 2011

      I have both blenders the Vitamix 5200 and Blendtec Total Blender. They each have their own benefits but I found that the consistency of the puree foods from the 5200 is a lot smoother than the Blendtec. Someone should build a tamper for the Blendtec as well. When you blend foods that become very froothy / airy nothing happens.


    28. By Susan on Feb 19, 2011

      I am going to be the detractor here…I am putting a blendtec through it’s paces this week. It is great for smoothies, etc but I am finding that when doing thicker things, I am having trouble. Since there is no plunger, I have to stop all the time and adjust things.

      I will be talking to them about this. I also find it more confusing to use with all the different settings. One more thing, my dog HATES it. For some reason the motor really affects her hearing. She tears out of the room and gets very stressed. To be fair, I am not done testing yet. Will just have to do it when she is outside.

      Cleaning and removing stuff from the jar is so much easier than with the Vitamix. So, we will see….


    29. By chris Stuckey on Mar 20, 2011

      I have a Vita-Mixer 4000 Commercial grave yard under my counter 2 bodies to be exact…… Now I’ve been on a plant based diet for 20 years and burnt many of cheap blenders… My wife is the Vita-Mixer slayer I have sent them to be refurbished and slayed them again!!! I just got my Space Saver 15 Blendtec Commercial with 2 Jars a 4 and a 3 inch blade for $500 out the door! I have already put it through the paces…….. in 72 hours I’ve made just about everything I’m going to make throughout the year on a regular basis…. I even got ten pounds of nuts just for the new purchase…. so far I made nut butter, flour, hummus,tahini,sauces, smoothies,green drinks,ice cream and the list goes on! Blendtec hands down no stick required!!! Note: If you use your blender as a weekend warrior don’t buy one. Tera thanks for the blog :)


      Reply by Tommy on June 29th, 2011

      Where in the world did you get that deal on that blender? How different is the warranty from the retail Total Blender? If you don’t want to put where you got it here, then to whomever administrates this site, please get Chris my email address if at all possible so he can contact me if willing!



      Reply by Danielle on June 30th, 2011

      Hi Tommy,
      Here is the link to the Blendtec Website to check out their current offerings.
      We’ve also passed along your email address to Chris.
      Danielle Greason,
      The Raw Divas


    30. By Zakiyyah on Apr 2, 2011

      My question is with blindtec ot Vitmix,do they have glass jars?


    31. By Zona on Apr 29, 2011

      I bought a Healthmaster a couple years ago because it was ‘cheaper’ than the Vitamix. I have had nothing but trouble. I have returned it twice. When it finally died recently I bought the Blendtec. Oh Sooooo smoothie, nut butter, cashew cream, happy now..


    32. By Sue Barnett on Jul 7, 2011

      I love my Blend-Tec and use it daily for my green smoothies. I wash it every time I use it and after a year now the jar has a terrible film on it. I do not want to use something harsh to scrub it for fear of scratches which might harbor bacteria. I did put a little bleach in it once, but that did not take care of the problem. It sits on my counter top and I love the fact that it looks nice in my kitchen and sit nicely under the cabinets, but it is starting to bother me that the jar is dirty looking. What can I do? Love my blender.


      Reply by Brenda on February 11th, 2012

      white distilled vinegar is a wonder for cleaning cloudy and etched glass or plastic. Wrap paper towels soaked with vinegar on and around the affected areas and let sit for 24 hours. This will remove the etching on glass that happens in a dishwaher too. Vinegar has great antibacterial properties and is edible, so a much better choice for cleaning your blender than bleach!


      Reply by susan on January 16th, 2014

      thank you for that great tip. the vinegar I’m sure will work. However what can I do about the pantry moths that went into the motor part of the blendtec? I love this blender and now I’m afraid it is ruined. they are duck tape inside but will die inside and i don’t know what to do.


    33. By Victoria on Jul 12, 2011


      I personally have a Vita-Mix which I love. I did have the Blendtec as well but I returned it, wasn’t as powerful as my Vitamix. I hope I can use it just fine for these recipes (sure it won’t be a problem). The only issue i had with the Blendteec is people able to chop larger pieces like a half an apple which Im used to just popping in my Vitamix and away it goes.

      Thanks for the recipes. Looking forward to trying them.


    34. By Cheryl on Sep 30, 2011

      I agree 100% with all the above statements. I bought my Blendtec in May of 2011, and have already logged in over 320 uses. I had an LED failure on my first unit so I contacted Blendtec customer service and had the same type of experience that Tara had. My new blender arrived almost the next day so I didn’t miss a beat. If you have the money, and a raw food (or any) healthy lifestyle, this is the blender to invest in.


    35. By Kaulula'akea on Oct 9, 2011

      I’ve had a VitaMix since 1976 and I still love it. Very useful and very much appreciated in my kitchen.


    36. By Sue on Oct 19, 2011

      I had been looking at various blenders like the Vitamix and Blendtec but didn’t want to pay over $450 for a blender. (At least that’s the lower end of the price scale in Canada.) I happened upon an infomercial for the Ninja 1100 on TV. A month or two later it was on sale at Canadian Tire for 25% off it’s regular price of approx. $99 Cdn.

      I can’t compare it to a Vitamix or Blendtec as I have never seen either in action. I can tell you that it can turn ice cubes into snow within 15 seconds or so. I use it make smoothies and to puree soups. The motor is 1100 watts, which from what I understand is pretty powerful.

      Just another option out there for those who don’t or can’t pay hundreds of dollars for a blender.


    37. By Lynn Johnson on Oct 20, 2011

      I do not have these 10 reasons to love Blendtec, but all i know is I am happy from the use of it. Thank you


    38. By SBD Articles on Oct 30, 2011

      nice this is awesome confirmation that a BlendTec is the way to go. I’ve been pining over the Vitamix for years… but the vocal minority of folks who have a Blendtec are so passionate about them and so articulate about why they are better. I’m convinced that the BlendTec is right for our family. Can’t wait! We’ll be able to afford one within the next month or so and I can’t wait. Thanks for this post…http://sbdprasad.blogspot.com/


    39. By Jill Saighman on Nov 13, 2011

      I sent my Blendtec back! It was for ever blowing off the lid and throwing green all over my kithen ! I called the company and complained that the lid would not stay on. They said I filled it too full! So despite efforts to perfect I decided the last “green toss was enought1″ I bought a Montel Williams blender for half the price. The lid locks,it will blend all ingredients at the same time. My green stays in the glass not all over the kitchen -Yeah!!


      Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on November 17th, 2011

      Hi Jill,

      Sorry to hear about your Blendtec woes!

      I use a Blendtec myself and never have any problems like that, and the lid stays quite firmly in place.

      Glad to hear you’re happy with your new blender, though! As long as you’re getting your green smoothies, right? 😉



      Reply by Terri on March 13th, 2012

      Is the Montel still working, I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews on that. I can’t believe you would choose that over a blendtec. Good luck with it long term.


    40. By Jenn on Dec 5, 2011

      We are TOTALLY in the same camp. I am IN LOVE with my Blendtec. I am not joking when I say I could sell most things off in my house and that would be the last to go! I had a problem with the seal on my jar. I am still not quite sure what happened and they had me fixed up with a new one on the way in minutes of me calling. Plus…I love their marketing campaigns!


    41. By Sandi on Jan 18, 2012

      Soooo…would you recommend your Blendtec over the Vitamix then? I have had my Vitamix over 30 years, and it is about to bite the dust. I know I need to replace it before I am without a good blender. I want the best as making raw nut cheeses demands a heavy duty machine. Thanks! Glad I happened onto your web site.


    42. By Sydney on Jan 21, 2012

      Where can I find the video?


    43. By Terri on Mar 13, 2012

      I have a blendtec it was a gift, but I would rather have a Vitamix. I’ll use the smoothie button and then do another a little bit more and it still will leave frozen lumps slightly. I just heard that Vitamix really does a better job on smoothies. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.


    44. By Rob on Jun 7, 2012

      I’m sooo confused now. Was just about to order a Vitamix from Costco but they are out of stock!! Is this a sign? The thing I don’t really like about the Blendtec is the flat lid…It looks like you have to peel it off all covered in smoothie. Also I’m a doubter when it comes not having to use a tamper. I would prefer one. What I do like about the Blendtec is the wider bottom…can scoop everything out. UUUrrrgghhh!!


    45. By L Weishan on Aug 7, 2012

      Is the plastic safe? I have heard a lot about plastic leaching into food.


    46. By David on Apr 13, 2013

      My Blendtec has about 2000 uses on it and I love it. The comment about it not working well with a very small amount of ingredients is correct.

      I’m sure the Vitamix is a very good product too and no doubt it does some things better than the Blendtec and some things not as well. For me the bottom line is usability. The Blendtec fits on the counter, under cabinets, and is easy to wash. Perhaps that’s why I’ve got 2,000 uses on it already – an appliance that has to be dragged out of some cabinet wouldn’t be used as often.

      My experience with customer service was excellent. I asked them to replace the jar at one point and they did so quickly, with no fuss.


    47. By Susan on Aug 25, 2013

      Hello Tera, I have noticed in demos,that the Blendtec wobbles. This is a deal breaker for me. Any comments about the wobbling, specifically when make smoothies. Not good in my eyes. No one seems to address this. Also does the Blendtec make frozen yogurt?


      Reply by Erin Weesner on August 26th, 2013

      Hi Susan,

      Here is what one reader shared in response to your questions about the Blendtec:
      Mine wobbles if I pack it too much! It makes ice cream, so it should make frozen yogurt.


      Reply by Erin Weesner on August 29th, 2013

      Hi again Susan, to add to this discussion – I have had a couple other people tell me that the Blendtec sometimes wobbles if there is not enough liquid in it.

      Another person said that hers may wobble if it is on a speed that is too low for what she is blending. I hope those comments help a little bit?


    48. By Buy facebook fans on Nov 2, 2013

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      Would you offer guest writers to write content to suit your needs?

      I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write regarding here.
      Again, awesome weblog!


    49. By Sarina @ Earthgiven Kitchen on Dec 22, 2013

      I just got a Blendtec too! I love the machine and you’re right, the customer service is awesome.


    50. By New Love on Dec 28, 2013

      I just got my first blendtec. I wanted to make ice cream and soup but didn’t want to buy two machine and or kill my food after all the trouble of processing my veggies… just to have to COOK IT on the stove. I made the potato soup today for the family and wow.
      I’ve made smoothies and finally branched out to make fresh rice flour and spinach pasta using that fresh rice flour… I’m in love.
      I’m a vegetarian who struggles with my weight – I was vegan for two years finally and lost 70 pounds but eventually got BORED BORED BORED and so went back vegetarian… I’m not 20 pounds gained.. aaaack… so I’m really hoping this blendtec will take me back to my Vegan ways and help me keep the weight off in a NEW and exciting way!!! Great and easy recipes!
      I’ve never used a Vitamix… so I really can’t compare but … what I’ve done in this week with my new baby… well, I’m convinced that I probably couldn’t do it any other way.. I know my Kitchenaide Blender… and it’s got a lot of power… couldn’t do half of what I’ve done already by way of veggie chopping.. or even ICE CHOPPING for that matter… no chunks of ice or veggies in my smoothie… yeah, I could get use to this.
      Oh and the nut butters are just WAY too awesome. My grandchildren were in Hog Heaven!
      Anyway, I’m just really excited. Thanks for allowing me ramble.


    51. By susan Hickman on Jan 16, 2014

      I’ve had my Blendtec, totablender model es3 red less than a year. I got an infestation of Pantry Moths, which i had never heard of..I looked them up on the web and it said they could lay eggs inside the motor of blenders, which they did. I duck taped it shut so no more could get out and lay more eggs. They had already turn to worm like things coming out of the underside of the blender. Is there a way to get it cleaned out. I was on a juice & smootie diet for my diabetes which helped keep my sugar down. Do you have any suggestions on how to get it cleaned out of the motor. The moths are gone in the kitchen now. helppp susan


    52. By Steve on Mar 26, 2014

      I thought I would offer a possible solution for frozen bearings. I’m sure that it froze-up because I often left water in the pitcher and often put it in the dishwasher.

      Instead of throwing it away, I put it in my MN garage. On a very cold day, I started to wonder what the cold would do to the stickiness.

      I brought it in & it was much looser. I then tried putting a bit of olive oil in it & let it sit.

      It’s been working fine ever since. I do baby it now, only hot soapy water.


    53. By Mathew on May 4, 2014

      do you nkow where to buy reconditioned blendtec bledners from in Sydney?
      Do they come with warranty like the states?


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