Mighty Warrior Women's Workout

What do exercise postures, the Hebrew Alphabet (written from right to left), and Proverbs 31 have in common? A mighty warrior workout for women!

Thanks to the fitness DVD, PraiseMoves® Alphabetics, I have learned to do postures that mirror Hebrew letters. Then, while briefly holding each posture, the voice of Laurette Willis, creator of PraiseMoves Alphabetics®, can be heard reading a verse per posture from verses 10 to 31 of Proverbs 31 about The Virtuous Woman.

“As you meditate on the qualities of the virtuous woman,” says Willis, “realize that the Hebrew word for virtuousChayil — means capable, strong, valiant; a mighty warrior.” Yes, women, that’s what we are, and a mighty warrior is precisely what I feel like each time I move through the Hebrew alphabet and Proverbs 31 via fitness.

Although the majority of the Proverbs 31 postures on PraiseMoves® Alphabetics are simple to do, I not only feel my physical body strengthening as I hold the postures, but my mind and Spirit, too. “She girds herself with strength and strengthens her arms.” And, “She extends her hand to the poor. Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy,” are some of the Proverbs 31 verses that are heard throughout the workout.

For a few of the exercises, Willis offers modifications for those who need to reduce the level of intensity of the posture. For instance, the second to last posture of the series (at the Hebrew letter tav and Willis’ posture The Cross) can be done with the inner knee resting on the floor for support, or off the floor for more of a challenge. Then, how wonderful it feels to transition from the strength of holding “The Cross” back to Willis’ “Altar” posture (known as Plank to some) and then off to relax in her “Little Child’s Pose.” The word “Amen” confirms the conclusion of the workout. Ahhh, at that point the body feels totally balanced, the mind fully renewed, and the soul wonderfully refreshed!

While not a sweat-dripping kind of workout, the flow of it certainly helps slightly raise the body temperature for me. For those wanting a longer PraiseMoves® Alphabetics workout, however, there is also a 60-minute workout on this DVD — done to the longest Psalm in the Bible, Psalm 119. Like Proverbs 31, Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem. At every 8th verse of Psalm 119, a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet begins the verse. “The last 22 verses of Proverbs 31 (verses 10 – 31) follow the same progression alef through tav,” Willis explains.

PraiseMoves Alphabetics® also offers the option of doing the workouts with or without detailed instruction. With the “Flow-through” option, participants can simply, as the name implies, flow through the sequences.

A workout sequence for The Lord’s Prayer — spoken in English and Hebrew — is also a choice on the DVD. (For those more familiar with yoga, The Lord’s Praise sequence may remind you of the flow of “Sun Salutation.”)

I realized sometime ago that my fitness niche includes flexibility exercises and walking. Add the opportunity to meditate on Scripture in the process, and indeed that’s a perfect way for me to do my daily devotion with a glorious motion!

Can you tell I’m loving PraiseMoves® Alphabetics? Just lovin’ it!

Hugs & Blessings,


P.S. Hebrew Word Pictures (book and CD set) by Dr. Frank Seekins wonderfully complements PraiseMoves® Alphabetics.


  1. Penny says


    Thanks for reading and posting! I’m happy you enjoyed the post.

    I not long ago finished doing the “20-Minute Praise Moves” DVD, also by Laurette Willis. That’s another great one in Willis’ collection. You can see the choices at http://www.praisemoves.com/store.htm

    Yes, it’s very powerful meditating on Scripture while working out. Talk about finishing up a workout feeling strong, cleansed, refreshed, and encouraged…..;-) Great stuff.

    Let me know if you try out any of the DVDs.

    Thanks again for your note.




  2. says

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