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  • “Pimp My Smoothie” by Debbie Young

     When I came across Debbie Young’s feisty blog the other day, I was totally excited to get her on board and contribute some of her green lovin’ in preparation for our upcoming Green Smoothie Day!  So, my lovelies, with no further ado, heeeeere’s Debbie, pimpin’ Green Smoothies!!

    Green smoothies abound in the raw food world; they are as ever present as beer at a ball game. Why green? What’s so bad about just blending up some fruit and water and sucking it down? Green is where it’s at; it’s where all the chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, proteins and micronutrients live. By adding green love to your standard fruity blend, you up the ante of fiber, dense nutrition and lip smacking satisfaction.

    Say you are new to this party, not sure what to add and what to take out. Perhaps you have had ten thousand green glasses and are bored and thinking about Shamrock Shakes again. I have the ultimate guide to pimping your smoothie and making it yours, unique and custom geared to suit your tastes and fill your belly with delight. So grab your high-speed blender and let’s boldly go where all raw foodies need to go: To the menu of goodies!

    Like any good anarchistic community, raw food has no rules save for that it be raw and uncooked. Green smoothies are the same way but to make it really rock, you need a few foundation ingredients. Then you can play and improvise and generally run amuck.

    Base Liquid:
    You need at least two cups of liquid. Some are thicker than others, so choose
    by flavor and desired consistency.

    • Almond Milk use unsweetened vanilla or plain unsweetened
    • Coconut Milk: make this using a young Thai coconut, the juice and meat together,
      thick, creamy and sweet!
    • Coconut Water: sweet, like water in consistency, O.N.E. brand is good
    • Pure Water
    • Fresh Juices: the skies the limit, flavors galore, be sure you juice it
      yourself fresh!

    You can vary the amount from a handful to a few cups. The greener the less sweet
    it will be, unless you have very sweet veggies!


    • Collards: remove the ribs
    • Kale: remove the ribs of curly, use dino kale whole
    • Spinach: wash it well
    • Romaine: use ½ head up to one full head
    • Bok Choy: chop it up a bit
    • Sprouts: any and all work, but sunflower and pea are the sweetest
    • Cucumbers: peel if not organic!
    • Broccoli stems
    • Avocado: this will make it thicker, almost pudding like.
    • Celery: this can be stringy, cut it up to make it blend better.


    Add one cup or more of fruit. Freeze it for a thicker, slushier smoothie.

    • Apples: peel if not organic, use seeds if desired
    • Strawberries
    • Banana
    • Pineapple
    • Mango
    • Cherries, berries of all sorts: Traders Joes has lots of frozen berry blends
    • Lemon: go easy if you don’t like tart flavors! Lime works too.
    • Watermelon: very yummy on it’s own but a great addition.
    • Melons: musk melons, cantaloupe, melons rock, even on their own.
    • Dried Mulberries: these add thickness and are mildly sweet.

    Thick it Up:
    Sometimes you need a little somethin’, add these to thicken your blend.

    • Almond Butter: raw only, chunky is great
    • Macadamia Nut Butter: very thick, lots of natural oil
    • Tahini: just a little bit
    • Flax Seeds: grind them up to make a meal, do it fresh, it tastes better
    • Chia Seeds: these form a sort of gel consistency and add nutrients galore
    • Soaked Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, have fun!
    • Ice Cubes: freeze good pure water
    • Frozen Fruit
    • Raw Ice Cream: wow, that’s a whole other blog post!
    • Coconut Oil or Butter: just a tiny bit

    Sweet Love:
    Always taste test your blend, if it makes you pucker add some of these!

    • Raw Agave Nectar: I like the dark variety.
    • Raw Honey: full of bee’s pollen and flower love
    • Dates: if soft use them whole (take the pits out!) or soak them a bit to
    • Figs: dried or fresh
    • Coconut Flakes: dry, organic, yum!
    • Vanilla: use the bean or the extract
    • Stevia: teeny tiny bits will add sweetness with no acidity: just go light.

    Super Foods:
    If you really want to pimp out your smoothie add these Super Heroes.

    Exotic Rides:
    If you are feeling randy, try these crazy combos for a new level of taste treats!

    • Cilantro, garlic and cayenne/ turmeric: Viva the Hotness!
    • Fresh Mint and Cacao Nibs: Mint Chocolate anyone?
    • Cacao/Maca Powder: Move over Mc Donalds, THIS is the real chocolate deal.
    • Chai Tea: enjoy a natural alternative to Starbucks tazo chai latte.
    • Cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice: tastes twice as nice.

    So go wild, have fun and share your pimpin’ with us, send the RawDivas your recipes and tell us about your green smoothie concotions!

    Oh and be sure to get some of those fat straws.. gonna need them.

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    13 Responses to ““Pimp My Smoothie” by Debbie Young”

    1. By Debbie on Jul 31, 2008

      Thanks for the love Tara!
      news flash: Bueller tells me that zuchinni is awesome in raw smoothies and makes it creamier!
      gotta love it!
      go to buellerskitchen.com to read more about her!
      deb xoxoxo


    2. By alissa on Jul 31, 2008

      this is so great! i think i was in a smoothie slump.

      no more!


    3. By Joanne on Aug 1, 2008

      Debbie, thanks so much for the fabulous info and ideas! Great stuff! I’d never thought of using broccoli stems – I might try those tomorrow, if I’m feeling brave!

      By the way, if you’re after fat straws, Living Nutrition sells big fat glass straws (more eco-friendly than plastic). I haven’t tried them myself, though. Here’s the link: http://www.livingnutrition.com/healthshop.html#straws

      Thanks again, Debbie!

      Love Jo


    4. By Debbie on Aug 1, 2008

      Glass is best! Thanks Joanne!


    5. By Debbie Marsh on Aug 2, 2008

      Hey you pimp-it like I do…great Debbie’s think alike! LOL…Love the tips…it will definately encourage more “green” into all those foodies’ smoothies!


    6. By Debbie on Aug 2, 2008

      Thanks for that Debbie! Green is Good! deb


    7. By Amanda on Aug 5, 2008

      This is awesome and so is your blog! Just found it today through we like it raw. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have so much reading to do….


    8. By Debbie on Aug 6, 2008

      Hey Amanda, thanks for the love, I will be posting about raw eating out in LA and all the fantastic friends I have met on this raw healing journey that is my life!


    9. By Rachel/Fit Mom on Nov 9, 2008

      That is awesome. I’m going to try some of those recipes. I had not ever figured out how to make a tasty green smoothie. I have a juicer and was juicing Kale with pineapple. But these are recipes are for the blender..I take it you don’t juice the spinach/kale/collards before putting them in the blender?


    10. By Carol on Mar 3, 2009

      This morning I juiced 1 cucumber, 2 celery stalks, 3 carrots, 1 green apple, 4 kale leaves, 1/2 red beet, 1/2 lemon, and 1 lime. I then put the juicer in my Vita-Mix with 3-4 parsley sprigs (whole “branch”) and 3-4 basil leaves. This was probably my best juice ever! Delicious!


    11. By Goji on Mar 14, 2009


    12. By Trimberry Acai on May 23, 2009

      Great post! Acai is an awesome product and it’s really just exploding.

      Rachael Ray rated Acai Berry #1 Superfood! For example, check out this awesome Acai product:



    13. By Aisha on Sep 9, 2009

      Thank you so much, Debbie! I’ve been doing basic raw foods (just veggies, fruit & nuts) off & on for the past 3 years and I’m only just now trying to recreate some of the green smoothies some of my friends have introduced me to. I’m really just a beginner at it and only had my “green super foods” powder and was mixing that with water & bananas. I didn’t realize my regular blender could handle things like broccoli stems and almonds (thought you had to be a pro with a vita-mixer). I’m so excited! I just tried 3 broccoli stems, 2 1/2 bananas (i know, it looks like you professionals don’t use so much), a handful of almonds, half a scoop of the green super food powder, and 1/4c of fat free half & half (did i say i’m WORKING on getting more & more raw)! Anyway, turns out, it tastes pretty great! I NEVER thought broccoli could taste okay blended. Thank you for all the wonderful directions & tips! You’re a life saver! :)


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