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  • Three Interviews About Love: Heidi and Justin Ohlander, Dhrumil, and Oscar Grim and Tanja Andrews

    This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to give you the chance to experience the Sisterhood. And in so doing, we get the chance to really honor some amazing people who contribute to the world of raw foods, and what we do here at The Raw Divas.

    You see, we’ve just DOUBLED the number of guests we’re having each month, and let’s just say, our little black book is starting to get miiiighty interesting. You’ll really love checking out some of the people we’ve got in store as future guests in the Sisterhood.

    Best Friend & Lovers Making Raw Food and Rock ‘n Roll A Sexy Thing To Do

    heidiTwo people definitely worth acknowledging at this time of the year are best friends and lovers, Heidi and JS Ohlander. These two superheros got VERY up close and personal with us in a cozy interview not too long ago. You see, a diva has to know how to ask the right questions, and with Heidi and JS, justin there simply were no filters. What fun. Until the end of the call, when technical difficulties pulled Tera out of the came and Bob, our Love Male Diva, came to the rescue.

    Enjoy this behind the scenes look at Heidi and JS Ohlander of Raw Food, Right Now, and send them loads of good vibrations this Valentine’s Day! I’m sure they’ll be wrapped in love and snuggles!!

    “Smooching”: Where Passion, Creativity and Courage Come Together For an Explosive Experience

    tanjaAnd, if you ever wanted a story of love that triumphed over paioscarn and difficulties, this one is a juicy one. Oscar Grimm and Tanja Andrews of Freshtopia graced our Sisterhood stage with their presence very recently, and it was an honor to have had a closer look at who they are and how they love.

    Their creative and courageous contributions to the world of Raw Food and sustainable living are significant. And so on this day when smooches and snuggles are at their peak we definitely thing you should send some lovin’ energy to these two crusaders for a better world.

    Catch this interview HERE.

    And for you single New York Divas…

    Recently, we had an AMAZING interview with Dhrumil of We Like It Raw and Give it To Me Raw.

    DhruWhat can I say…?

    I mean, we can see he’s got all kinds of amazing things going on, and the pictures portray a kind-looking fellow, but when we actually had the chance to get up close and personal with him we were BLOWN AWAY.

    I can’t even tell you how many “WOW!”s I got in my inbox after that call finished.

    And so, with no further ado, as part of our Valentine’s Day treats to the Divas, we’d like to offer you the chance to sit back, pull up a cozy couch and grab yourself an OJ, then get acquainted with a man whose middle name should be Integrity, but is probably something much more creative and inspiring.

    Anyway, you know what I mean! Give It Up for Dhru who, in this exclusive interview with The Raw Divas, Gives It To You RAW!!

    We love you, Dhru, and just want to say, “Thanks for making the world a brighter, more loving place to be!”

    Oh, and pssst..

    …he’s still single! ;-) hehehe… If you’re in his area, definitely, DEFINITELY take this prince for a night out on the town! But be prepared to meet his sisters on the first date! ;-)

    This Valentine’s Day Tribute would not be complete…

    …unless we honored two people whose love, witty comments, and constant support and encouragement are no small part of what we do here at The Raw Divas. They also happen to be huge supporters of the other above named lovers and crusaders for a peaceful world.

    This week I received a notice in my mail box calling me to the post office for a parcel waiting. “Hmmm…What could THAT be?” I wondered to myself.

    When I got there a perfectly cubic box was waiting to be opened, and open it I did within seconds of getting it into my hot little hands. I wasn’t expecting to find what I found there. I had no idea that I would feel as moved, as loved as I did when I found an artfully prepared arrangement of sparkly cards, calligraphy letters and a GORGEOUS, i do mean GORGEOUS, purple, snuggly, wooly scarf that was handmade by Keely and sent with love by both she and her husband, Bob.

    Every day since last July, we have received some note of support, a gentle reminder, a word or two of love and appreciation from these two people. And, so, on this Valentine’s Day we really wanted to make sure we thanked these two for the love they have given us, and the remarkable and inspiring ways they love each other.

    Thank you, Bob and Keely. We wouldn’t dream of doing this without you two at our side!

    There are many more people who send us support and love from behind the scenes, and in time we will come around to bringing their contributions to ligh, too! Until then, know that we are grateful for all the support and kindness we receive.

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    3 Responses to “Three Interviews About Love: Heidi and Justin Ohlander, Dhrumil, and Oscar Grim and Tanja Andrews”

    1. By Keely on Feb 15, 2008

      Ah gee wiz!!! :shock:

      We love you both, too!!! :grin:


    2. By Dhrumil on Feb 19, 2008

      Thanks for the love! I had a blast.


    3. By Jenny on Feb 21, 2008

      you girls are fantastic always. . . and the interview with Dhru was completely adorable + inspiring simultaneously!! i listened to it while in the studio cranking out some projects that i’ve been dragging my feet to get done. . . but this hour FLEW by and i was grinning the whole time! much love and gratitude for this. . .


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