The Dental Drama Continues…

I’ve been getting some emails this morning from people who would like more information about our dental teleseminar with Karen Adler because they’ve got QUESTIONS! It seems a new dental product is out on the market and it’s loaded with xylitol, which comes from the birch tree, and is noted for it’s apparent antibacterial properties.

First of all, it’s not hard to find anti-bacterial ingredients, including peppermint essential oils that are in most toothpastes anyway. When looking a bit more thoroughly into the dangers of xylitol, I was actually most surprised with what I found here. I mean, if it gives dogs seizures, as far as I’m concerned, keep it away from the pets AND the kids!

So, take out the only potentially toxic ingredients and you’re left with:

Baking soda, salt and essential oil.

Hmmm… doesn’t sound too complicated to me. You can pick up your own organic peppermint essential oil at just about ANY health food store these days. Grab a jar, mix it up and have your own little dental experiments going on. You could even go to the local dollar store, get some cute little jars and make some cool labels, some fancy ribbon and give it out for Christmas gifts! “Recommended by the Tooth Fairy” toothpowder! 😉

Karen Adler is still planning to do an interview with us, but has been waiting for her new website to come up. (You know, we divas… aesthetics are important.) Anyway, you can read why Karen wouldn’t even let her employees open the xylitol they bought for product testing here.

We’ll announce the new date for our teleseminar with her soon! Won’t be long! I just know you’re going to LOVE hearing what she has to say!

Karen, by the way, puts Organic Raw Honey in her Liquid Toothsoap to sweeten it, which is still the best product as far as I’m concerned. I know that when I was young and had eye infections, I used to put unpasteurized honey in my eye and sure enough, it would get better.

Anyway, be savvy… do your research and gather your questions for our upcoming teleseminar with Karen. She’s done loads of research and we’re really looking forward to blasting her with all our questions on diet, toxic ingredients, and healthy solutions for your teeth!

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