Strawberry picking.

Yesterday was deliciously sunny, and so I decided to take a bit of time away from my computer and went Strawberry picking with a friend of mine. (Merci, David!) It was wonderful just being barefoot amidst the berry patches. I loved it.

The field was full of happy berry-pickers and speckled with daisies.

Today I bought a beautiful papaya and made one of my favorite smoothies:

Papaya (a whole one)
A bunch of strawberries
2 frozen bananas
and loads of dark, green Romaine Lettuce leaves.

I didn’t add any water because the papaya made the mix quite juicy. Anyway, it was a wonderfully thick and creamy. I shared with with my roommate! Yum.

I had been aching for a big, green smoothie and it felt good.

It’s late, so I’m off to bed…

Good night. oxox


  1. MOM says

    Sounds like a great smoothie .. and a wonderful way to spend the day !!
    hugs from me …


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