Ravishing Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs You Can’t Resist!

- Stacey Terry


Ravishing Raw Chocolate Eggs You Can’t Resist!

- by Marie-Claire Hermans of Ravishing Raw

I wish I had known about raw food when my kids were little. Both were very allergic to dairy and it was the era before any alternative was available but the first boxes of soy milk. Every Easter I wondered how I could give them the time of their life in the garden, looking for chocolate eggs without becoming sick after eating them. Read more »

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Creating Memories Around Healthy Food


Food And Memories

One of my favorite memories as a very young girl, is visiting my grandparents and sitting at the bar in the kitchen next to ‘Pepaw,’ reading the newspaper with him (i.e. looking at the pictures and reading the titles) and drinking ‘coffee milk,’ (milk with a tiny splash of coffee). I started very young with this little addiction! I felt so grown up, sitting there early in the morning reading very grown up news and drinking a ‘for-grown-ups-only’ drink. Read more »

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Ever Wondered About How To Detox Chemicals From The Body? This Unique Medical Practice Does It Every Day!


Ever Wondered How To Detox  Chemicals From The Body?  This Unique Medical Practice Does It Every Day!

By Donna Kasuska

What if I told you about a doctor’s office that is not visited by pharmaceutical sales reps?  Or one where patients are invited to visit for the purpose of doing research about their own health?  Or what if I told you that you could attend health seminars at this office and detoxify your body in the sauna and exercise rooms at this office?  Would you think I was dreaming?  Well, in a way you would be right.   Read more »

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Raw Recipe: Fruit And Nut Chocolate Treats In Time For Easter!

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Treats In Time For Easter!

by Joanne Newell


I don’t know too many people who don’t like chocolate. There’s just something about it, isn’t there? Unfortunately, most conventional chocolates are chock-full of sugar, milk compounds and emulsifiers – do yourself a huge favour this Easter by making these sweet chocolatey treats from natural, health-giving ingredients. They’re still an indulgence, but I guarantee you’ll feel better! Read more »

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Looking For A Way Out Of Clutter? Vanessa Stewart, Our Very Own Clutter Buster, Can Help!


Looking For A Way Out Of Clutter?  Vanessa Stewart, Our Very Own Clutter Buster, Can Help!

Interview by Donna Kasuska


Piles of paper, shoes on the floor in the mudroom, narrow pathways in the basement, that six-foot radius around your teenager’s laundry hamper, or knickknacks peeking through a layer of dust.  These and other disturbing mental images come to mind at the mere mention of the word clutter.  Yet some symptoms of clutter are much more subtle.  In fact it’s entirely possible that our clutter problems are all in our heads.

Since we’ve been focusing mostly on toxicity and all those invisible hazards, you may be wondering why we would switch to the more obvious topic of clutter, after all our clutter is right there in front of us, clearly visible to everyone.  It reminds us every day that we should do something about it, and quite frankly we don’t like to be reminded. Read more »

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