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Tera Warner


Tera Warner

Leading Women to Better Health & Authenticity

The more a woman worries about her body, the worse she feels.

Having devoted years to creating online programs in women's health, detox and natural weight loss courses, Tera discovered that no amount of chlorophyll or cardio-vascular workouts could take the weight off a woman's heart. And that the only way to restore her health was to restore her belief in herself, her ability to manage and control her environment.

"A woman's self-worth isn't be measured by the size of her thighs or the width of her hips, but by the breadth of her dreams and the depth of her love. 

"Don't change yourself to please the world.
Be yourself.

That's what it will take to change the world."

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Speaking & Media Appearances

As a dynamic keynote speaker Tera raises the roof on body image, media literacy, authenticity, natural beauty, detox, healthy weight loss and more! Having spoken to audiences of thousands she captivates attention with authentic presentations that leave women inspired and transformed.

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Tera Warner

Who is Debbie Carter and What Does She Do?

Ms. Debbie Carter has recently worked with Portfolio Cashflow Management L.L.C., an advisory firm founded in 2008, as an account manager. She holds the Series 7, the Series 63 and insurance licenses. She is also licensed with the NMLS as a mortgage banker and has a real estate license. Ms. Carter has more than 20 years' experience in the financial services and investment bank industries. Ms. Carter has a strong focus on managing assets and raising capital with an emphasis on analysis and research and has advised and managed small businesses and as well has taught financial continuing education classes at local universities.

Ms. Carter has been a call in radio host on KRLD and WBAP in a financial advisor capacity and interviews frequently live on Daystar Television Network to discuss charitable gifting strategies and estate planning options. She has developed and presented numerous 60 to 90 second spots for Daystar Television Network on presenting charitable gifting strategies. Ms. Carter's current focus is in assisting in generating monthly cash flow for clients through selling or writing options on stocks and indexes as well as helping to raise capital and to gather assets through estate planning techniques.

Ms. Carter has a Bachelor of Science in Education with a minor in mathematics.

In addition, Ms. Carter completed a four year education at Westbrook University and two years of internship to become a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.

She is currently in her third year to obtain the Juris Doctorate Degree.




Alison Ramsay

Alison is a sassy, sweet-natured, collaborator and love communicator. Leading a movement of earth-shaking wellness-seekers, Alison is the Continental Director for Body Enlightenment in New Zealand and Australia. She is also an Executive Coach, guiding amazing people through extraordinary, life-changing programs on rewilding, homesteading and lifestyle design.

After living with and working for an organic farmer while completing her degree, Alison became passionate about health, sustainability, and personal responsibility. She travelled to New Zealand to spend a year volunteering on organic, biodynamic and permaculture properties all around the country, to get her hands in the dirt and intimately experience our relationship to food and nature. Still settled in a cozy New Zealand based corner of the world, she's sharing this message with hundreds of thousands of people. Driven by a passion to stick her teeth into life, Alison is doing what she loves and living the life of her dreams. Her mission is to now help create that same opportunity for thousands of other earth-shaking heroines who understand that there is more to life and loving oneself than the pursuit of a size six skirt.

After spending half of her life attempting to solve the mysteries of health, wellness and the universe, after serious study, reams of reading, exploring and adoring, after fumbling her way through, gaining more than a few bumps and bruises, she discovered the power of BEing and looks forward to helping you discover it, too.

Welcome to Body Enlightenment and the adventure of knowing yourself, and loving your life completely.


Thinking About Working With Alison? Here's What Others Had to Share:

Samantha Williams

Alison is a nurturing mentor, generous vision holder, and wise companion for exploring the realms of nature and the inner wilds of the body, mind, and spirit. She always offers her best and seeks to bring out the best in others. Her belief in me has enhanced my confidence in the value of my presence and talents. Alison is ready for questions on any subject, from practical to philosophical. If I need to talk through a problem, I know that she will listen and respond with compassion and gentle candor. Aided by her encouragement, I am learning to consult my intuition and embodied intelligence so that I can live from my entire being rather than only from my head. Her curiosity, enthusiasm, playfulness, and love of life and beauty are inspiring.

Ashley Yvonne

I had a fantastic time learning how to Re-Wild and Be Wild. Alison was the delightful interface between myself and the lessons offered, and I am truly honoured to have experienced such gems of wisdom delivered by her guiding hand. She always has more than a little bit of love for her fledglings! I felt so connected and in touch with what I was learning primarily due to Alison's presence and encouragement. She is more than a coach; she is a friend to those of us who desire more of a natural lifestyle.

Theresa Rose

Alison is an outstanding and brilliant mentor and coach. She is kind, gentle, uplifting and encouraging and she holds an amazing energy of wild, ageless grace. Alison has this innate ability to touch our innermost feelings and beliefs and then she applauds our courage, strength and conviction for doing so. With ease and compassion, she brings out the best in others and even in a diverse group of over 200 people. Alison is exceptional at her profession and a complete success at encouraging others to reach, to share, to learn, to inspire, to enhance, to balance, to glow! She has inspired me to wake up each day with gratitude in my heart and to be the best version of myself possible in each moment of my life. For her dedication and inspiration I am truly grateful!

Linda Kranz

Alison is a wonderfully heart inspiring coach. She was my host during my 24 week online course, Be Wild, with Daniel Vitalis. She received all my journaling and weekly reflections baring my soul and devotedly cared for her Be Wild community. It really is still quite rare that social media opportunities can touch the soul, however, with Alison I felt I truly made a friend during my Be Wild course. Thank you Alison!

Manijeh Baxter

The guidance, encouragement, and sincere enthusiasm that Alison has shared with me along my journey in the Be Wild program has turned a purely informational internet experience into a much needed personal introspective period of growth. She kept my spirits high while providing me with the exact resources that I needed at the exact right time. Quite a feat when we are a half a planet away from each other!