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How Tera Warner's Body Enlightenment Began

Tera Warner

Tera Warner is an entrepreneur, a mother, a leader and a butt-kicking communicator, but the latter is how she garnered the reputation of being an internationally-respected author, speaker, and women's health advocate.

Through her interviews, writing, programs, live events and retreats, she leads a community of 100,000 women around the world to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.  

Tera urges women to remember:

"Your self worth has NOTHING to do with the size of your thighs and everything to do with the size of your dreams, your goals and your purpose and passion in life.

Confidence isn't connected to your outfit, but your OUTPUT! What are you getting done in a day? What are you making happen in the world? How do you contribute meaning to the lives of others?

Don't count your calories, count your blessings! Dont pinch inches, pinch YOURSELF and wake up to the fact that there is an architecture of insecurity designed to have you spend more and love yourself less.

There is no profit to be made by the industries of medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fashion, or even fast food when you feel fantastic, deeply fulfilled and when you love and believe in yourself. No one makes money when you feel clear, confident, and on purpose. 

But in a civilization where 90% of people would rather die than change the way they live, something has gone wrong. And maybe instead of buying into more glitter and glitz we can come together and prioritize some of the simple things in life. If we can keep food, beauty, health and personal organization clear, clean, simple and sustainable, we can reduce the distractions, eliminate the drama and help women get back to the pleasure of living with authenticity.

"You don't need to change yourself to please the world.
Just be yourself. That's what changes the world."

-Tera Warner


Tera Warner Speaking & Media Appearances

As a dynamic keynote speaker Tera raises the roof on the everything from body image, media literacy, authenticity, natural beauty, detox, weight loss and more!

Having spoken to audiences of thousands she captivates attention with authentic presentations that leave women inspired and transformed.

Contact support@bodyenlThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for information on her availability for your live event.



What if the "secret" to vibrant health and ideal body size isn't a secret after all?

Every woman knows if she wants to feel better, look younger, lose weight and have more energy there are really only a few things she needs to do:

  • Drink clean water.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Get good sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Choose friends wisely and stay honest.

 "if it's so simple and easy, why are so many women stuck in a
health and diet roller coaster relationship with their food,
their body image and their health."

The answer will be found when you take a step inside our Body Enlightenment programs. Feel free to test drive our 5-pillar approach to health and wellness. 

We figured out that the more a woman worries about her body, the worse her body does. It's only when you get her to believe in herself, to rekindle her passion, live her purpose, get her outside and tasting LIFE instead of a low-calorie, chocolate brownie that she really comes alive. That's why all our programs fall into 5 pillars that we believe are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Communication
  • Physical Health & Beauty
  • Community
  • Personal Organization
  • Environmental Sustainability

At Body Enlightenment, we know that a woman's self-worth isn't measured by the size of her thighs or the width of her hips, but by the breadth of her dreams and the depth of her love.

If we can do one thing for her to help her restore her health, confidence and sense of well-being, it will be to inspire within her the courage to simply...


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